Sunday, 27 June 2010

My Current Face Routine

Hey Dolls :)

Have I ever mentioned I'm not really a fan of MAC face products? Well my skin isn't. However, at the moment pretty much my entire base routine revolves around MAC products. You see MAC and I are in a complete love/hate relationship - I love the way it looks, it hates my skin.

Whenever I am close to finishing a foundation there are always those couple of days I spend pondering on which product to move on to next and although I know it breaks me out (to be honest my skin doesn't really need an excuse to break out, it does that all on its own) I always return to Studio Fix Fluid. It's like returning to an old friend - who enjoys tormenting you.

Also I am foundation girl - I know it's the height of summer and it's toasty warm - I am still wearing foundation. And concealer. And powder. My only nod to summer consists of the mixing of Benefits moon beam with my foundation which really does lighten the formula up (I've found one part moon beam, two parts studio fix fluid works best)

So at the moment my face routine consists of: MAC Studio Fix Fluid, Benefit Moonbeam, MAC Studio Fix Concealer, MAC MSF Natural (light) and finally a spritz of's a before and after...

And with the mere wave of a foundation brush. And a concealer brush. And a kabuki brush...

Gone is the uneven skin tone, blemishes and redness (but hello to powdery brows ha). And that is why MAC SFF continues to draw me back to its evil ways - it may break me out but it makes my skin look like no other foundation has before.

So my question to you lovely ladies is - what are your foundation recommendations? I need something with good coverage, it can be as cheap or expensive as you like. After all a smooth, clear base is vital!

Please let me know what you're using at the moment.

Lots of Love

P.S Clare if you're reading this - is that non-make up photo any better?
Paaah ha ha ha ha


  1. i really like using l'oreals true match in the summer - i love a lot of coverage, and this gives it... but it's also really light :) plus its cheap ;) xoxo

  2. I think I have found my HG face routine. GOSH Velvet Touch Foundation primer (£13), Revlon ColorStay for bad face days (£12), or Revlon PhotoReady for better face days (£13), and then if I'm using ColorStay I'll set it with NYC translucent powder (approx £2.59?). Concealer wise, I use e.l.f. Studio Under Eye Concealer & Highlighter (£3.50), and for any blemishes I use GOSH Touch Up Concealer (£7). And if you buy it all in Superdrug you'll get student discount if you've got an NUS card or a uni ID card. Win! I couldn't recommend these products any more if I tried, my face looks flawless when I wear them and trust me, I have far from flawless skin haha! xx

  3. as you know MAC face products hate me too! I had really horrible painful under the skin spots when I used MSF natural, and the studio fix concealer =(

    tbh im really enjoying using relvon photoready mixed with colorstay! like you, even tho its sweating outside i cant bear not to wear my usual thick base.... but the revlon formula is the perfect balance of coverage without being heavy and doesn't irritate my skin!

    try it x

  4. Hey hun , i used to have the same problem with m.a.c's foundation my skin hated it but i loved the coverage.So i got rid of the problem by not usings m.a.c's foundations or any face product for the matter and i now use bare minerals foundation im fairly light in their colour range and i was nc/nw 20 in m.a.c,their coverage is amazing is all natural and my skin loves it, and also feels like your wearing no foundation!Perfect for summer ! Would totally reccomend it to anyone , but make sure you get matched up in debenhams for it as their online colour are way off!
    Much love hope i helped
    Eloise xoxo

  5. i looove mineral makeup, with a good rose spray (I used Boots rose) sprayed on your kabuki brush and swirl a tiny bit of mineral makeup (using lily lolo atm) and buff into skin, i found it SO cakey + difficult at first but used less + watched loads of videos on it, s'all good now! ;D xxxx

  6. Peachykeen - I don't think I have ever used a L'oreal foundation before but it sounds exactly the kind of thing I need - thank you for the recommendation :D

    Kim - Thank you so much kimmy for writing all that, must of taken you ages ha ha! I used to use colorstay all the time but I think I got a bit bored of it but never ever had any skin problems with it. I've also used to GOSH concealer before but not the ELF so I shall def have a peruse of the website. Maybe it's time to welcome colorstay back into my life!

  7. Karleigh - I've used the concealer for a couple of years and luckily it's always been fine - however, imagine it was actually that that's been making me spotty and I haven't realised pah haa! I've got photoready already (though it's a bit pale) so I'm thinking like I said to Miss Kim it's time to repurchase colorstay again.

    Simply Naturale - I read your review on bare minerals and it does sound really good! I need to get over my fear of mineral make up, I've worn liquid for so many years that it's programmed into my head that I could never get the right coverage with a powder, I need to stop being silly!

    Jules - Lily Lolo is another brand I'd been thinking about but again I have the fear about only wearing powder. Lily Lolo would be a good place to start as it's a bit cheaper than bare minerals, thank you m'love!


  8. I'm still on the cheapo drug store brands for foundation, seeing as I use so much (*sob* friggin spots!), it's beyond my monthly budget to buy MAC foundation =[.

    I use a good moisturiser and Gosh Velvet Touch Primer to start off.

    Then, I like to use a Rimmel 'Hide the Blemish' concealer stick on blemishes and under eyes (it's also great to get the handle of your tweezers in the stick when it's past the drawing on stage). I think it's about £4.29.

    Then I use Gosh X-ceptional foundation on my T-zone (I have a fringe, so can't see it anyway) and eyelids. I only do this because it's a shade too light, waste not want not!

    On my cheeks and neck I use Maybelline's Pure Liquid Mineral foundation in the daytime (spf!), or Dream Satin Liquid if it's for a night out. They both have pumps and around £8 each =] I use a foundation brush with all foundation.

    I top up any blemishes that I can still see with a tiiiiiny bit more concealer. Then it's all set with Rimmel's Stay Matte in Translucent.

    My skin can be really bad, and the coverage on these is really good. My complexion so even and looks virtually spot-free afterwards and it is a routine I can afford.

  9. Oh gotts, I wrote an essay... sorry! hxx

  10. I'm with Peachykeen, I LOVE L'Oreal's True Match liquid foundation! xxx

  11. sweets, I'm the same I do feel loathed to move away from my liquid foundation and powder combo, but I did try arbonne mineral powder foundation recently and I was kinda gobsmacked with the coverage ... great for uber sunny days (you know we get them every so often here, lol!) ...

    I also adore airbase liquid foundation (btw I've done posts on both of these bases recently) - it's meant to be put on with an airbrush but I use my wee body shop sponge and it's gorgeous - fab coverage that really does stay put but feels sooooo light. lush. I wear shade 2 as I found 1 a bit yellow, and 3 a bit dark (they're the 3 lightest shades).

    my failsafe is revlon colorstay (though I'm not so keen on the new softflex formula so I try to get the old school stuff of the tinternet) and cannot leave the house without my cheap as chips No 17 oil control powder which soaks up any nastiness.

    I've had no breakout problems with any of these girlie.


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  12. Heather - essays are always welcome love!! The Gosh primer seems quite popular so may have to give that a go! I remember seeing Goss using two different colours of foundations as a highlight :D I'll definitely have a look at everything you recommended, thank yoou!!

    May - It's added to my 'to try' list :D

    Ann - Ohh I remember your reviews, I'll read them again though and I'm going to go and do some googling :D I'm thinking about going back to colorstay with my tail between my legs for the time being ha ha. Thank you so much for your recommendations :)


  13. I use No7 lift and luminate! It's really light and nice! Also I'd recommend getting a warm colour just to give yourself a bit of colour! The studio finish seems to wash you out a teeny bit! You're gorgeous btw! xx

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  15. aha...minus the Moon Beam, that is pretty much my current face routine! Like you, I tend to breakout when I use MAC's foundation, but I LOVE it anyway. I started using an oil absorbing base before applying my "face," and I found I would get fewer breakouts.

    When I want to give my skin a break I like to use mineral makeup, like many other people. Particularly, I use Jane Iredale Loose Mineral Powder. It doesn't irritate my skin, and it looks great on-camera (plus for me, since I'm studying broadcast journalism).

    Good luck on your hunt for foundation! :)



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