Friday, 18 June 2010

17 Lasting Fix Lipstick - New Black

Hey Dolls

A couple of days ago I tweeted asking whether anyone knew of a nice dark plum lipstick and I got a reply the 17 team suggesting that I try their lasting fix lipstick in New Black. Whilst in Boots I had a look at the 17 counter and picked New Black up...

Now my dilemma was, what is the best way to wear such a dark colour...

I had a little search about and one of the most popular ways is to wear it with hair scraped back and nothing else on the face except mascara. However, I hate wearing my hair up and so got the old straighteners out...

I really like it though this is me still playing about with the colour, I'm planning on wearing it on a night out so I'll post some photos of how it turns out soon.

About the lipstick itself - I was a bit worried that for such a dark colour it might be chalky and drying but it really isn't. The colour lasts a long time and is a total bargain at £3.49! I picked up some other 17 products when I was in - I'll post about them over the weekend.

Do you have any suggestions of the best way to wear such a dark colour?

Lots of Love


  1. I swatched this recently and it's really similar to Benefit's Ms Behavin' lipstick (the Cullen's lippy!) which i have. I just wear it as a statement and keep the rest of my makeup toned down but with a little pink blusher to keep it girly and lashings of mascara xxx

  2. ohhhh I love it! very goth =D
    I think it would look awesome with your hair off your face and with a slick of cat flicked eyeliner? xxx

  3. May - Ohhh is it really? I always wanted to try that so I'm happy, do you think they just used it a lot lighter on them as I don't remember their lips being this dark!

    Karleigh - Thanks m'love, I'm going to keep playing about, I hate my ears being on show ha


  4. Oooh i think it looks great on you! I love deep plums, they look so vampy. And it looks amazing with your shiny black hair!

  5. I hate wearing my hair up too but you look very glam! I can just about manage a bright pink on my lips this would terrify me but you rock it! xx

  6. You can totally rock black lipstick sweetie, I daren't even try lol :).

  7. Ooh, that looks fab! I have "Cyber" by Mac which is a similar colour - I like it with a little bronzer and natural eye make-up. It looks really dramatic but once you get used to it, it's actually quite wearable. I didn't know 17 did a shade like this - drugstore brands tend to stick to "safer" shades so this is an amazing find! x

  8. Lillian - To be honest plum isn't a colour I would normally have considered but I recently saw a photo of my cousin who looked amazing with it on and got me intrigued - thank you!

    Emily - Aww thank you so much! I'm a bit worried the first time I wear it out properly it ends up all over my face haha

    Charlotte - Thank yoou! Ahhh you should give it a shot :D

    LilyLipstick - I'll def get my bronzer on the next time :D Honestly, 17 have looooads of colours, I've never really paid attention before but i'm definitely going to investigate more!


  9. I thought that too! Since I got the lipstick I've kind of been paying more attention to the makeup in the film though and in different scenes their lips look different shades it must be mixed with something else sometimes or smudged on really lightly or maybe it's just the lighting!? I'd be curious to know! xxx

  10. i think it looks veryyyyyy glam! I'd probs wear it with simple hair and keep the rest of my makeup very natural and minimum.
    Gothic glam are the words that jump to mind

  11. This is my favourite lipstick! :)
    It looks lovely on you!


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