Tuesday, 29 June 2010

How do you store yours...?

Hey Dolls :)

I'm a bit of a Lush bath junkie - genuinely I think there is no simpler pleasure than soaking in a yummy lush bath and then curling up on the couch wearing something made of velour with Nick. However, my current method of storing all of my Lush bath products is failing's too small!

I do apologise about the rather dull photo - my bathroom gets no natural light boo! I like this method of storage as it adds a little bit of colour and makes my bathroom smell delightful. However, I would be interested to hear how everyone else stores their Lush - in a drawer? Or a bowl? I don't really want to hide mine away in a drawer but does it keep them smelling stronger? Any suggestions would be much appreciated! I may buy a big, nicely shaped glass vase to hold it all in and then I could see things I had maybe forgotten about?

Also, how lovely is the sky tonight?

Lots of Love


  1. I have always wondered the same thing girlie, mines just sit in my wee bathroom cupboard all wrapped up in there bits and bobs of paper - but I love the idea of being able to see them altogether - just be careful with glass in a bathroom though lady!! ps - is that the dorothy bar I spy? what's it like? x

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  2. It's a shame it's too small, it's so pretty! I just store mne on a shelf in my bathroom cupboard i'm afraid. A nice wastepaper bin maybe?

  3. I store mine in a a round glass bowl :)

  4. Ann - ha good point, I am rather clumsy! ooh Dorothy is lovely, it's supposed to smell like a fig though I don't think I've ever smelled a fig before ha, it turns your water bright blue :)

    Lillian - ha it's just a wee cheapy plant pot from Ikea. Ohh that's a good idea, shall keep an eye out

    Hannah - I'm thinking maybe something glass is the way to go so I can see them all, thanks!


  5. I literally dot my lush goodies around my room and in some cupboards so each time I open it up I get a whiff of lush goodness =D

  6. I adore Lush, I keep mine in some pretty hatboxes I got from TK Maxx

  7. I have all mine stored in a spotty carboard box thing in my bathroom making it smell lovely :) x


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