Monday, 21 June 2010

Cheek Combination of the Moment

Hey Dolls :)

You should all know I'm a bit of a blush junkie (remember my group of friends nickname at school was the blusher girls haha in all fairness we probably did overload it a tad). I always get a bit excited when I discover a new, pretty blush/highlight combo like this...

Models Own Powder Blusher in Cheeky Pink and Bourjois Blanc Diaphane. I've blogged about Blanc Diaphane before, it is such a beautiful highlight and being honest would probably go with anything. Cheeky Pink is a fairly new product for me, I'd only ever tried the models own polishes before. In texture it's quite powdery but easy to blend. It's also quite sheer so lovely for work/day time, a pretty peach-pink!

I think it gives a nice warm glow without being BAM in your face (which is normally how I like my blush ha)

Also, I think it's time to ditch MAC SFF, it's making my skin disgusting (I will never learn). Any suggestions for a skin friendly foundation would be gratefully received.

Lots of Love


  1. looks gorgeous! ive been looking for a high light for agesss, and theres like tonnes of like liquid ones, but not that many good powder/solid ones! might try the bourjois one :)

  2. Gorgeous! 'The Blusher Girls' is so cute, it sounds like a girl band! xxx

  3. Looks beautiful, i want to try the Models Own blushes.

  4. Looks lovely on you!
    I've only worn the eyeshadow a few times as a highlight on my cheeks & loved it, but i always forget about it cos its in my e/s draw haha!

  5. ah, I would never have thought of using that as a highlight, well done you - that looks sooo pretty together! x

  6. That looks so pretty - gorgeous for summer! x

  7. I always thought that Bourjois pot was an eyeshadow!


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