Thursday, 3 June 2010

I love Tim Burton!

Hey Dolls :)

I recently went to a Tim Burton themed night and rather than opting to dress up as a particular character I decided to take inspiration from films like Nightmare Before Christmas, The Corpse Bride and Edward Scissorhands and wear make up that was not only quite Gothic but also beautiful and's what it looked like

Fingers crossed you can see where I pulled my inspiration from, my favorite part was actually my hair...

I backcombed my whole head then pushed the crown back using an elasticated headband and finally tucked the ends of my hair into the bottom of the band - I hope that made sense! I actually love this look and would consider wearing it out again - maybe to Death Disco or something, I only wish you could see the contour a bit better - it's purple!

Fingers crossed this vampy look brings a chap like this along...

Lots of Love

P.S The song of the night was this - perfect for some drunken swaying in the middle of a packed dance floor hahaha


  1. Whyyy thank you Kim :D xxx

  2. Love it, particularly the hair :)

  3. Haha, I love the picture of you kissing edward! You still look adorable, even though you're look was corpse-themed! Your hair looks great btw :)

  4. Lillian - Thank you! It takes my love for big hair a step further haha!

    Caitlin - haha he looks smouldering in that photo! Thank yoou!!


  5. awesome, awesome, awesome... can definitely see you rocking this at the arches :) loves it xx

  6. You look stunning! Love the purple as a contour :D hxx

  7. girlinthecity - Thank yoou!! I've had some crazy faces at the arches before including having my whole face covered in gold leaf haha!

    Pandez - Thank you m'love!!! Unbelievably it gives me cheekbones I really do not have :D


  8. Look very pretty here. I love the lid colours =) and LOVE purple contour!! You are far braver than I! I cannot get the hang of back combing! xx

  9. you look AMAZZZZING, love this on you! beautiful darling xx

  10. The make up looks really great. I think you perfectly achieved the gothic but beautiful look

  11. Emily - Thank yoou! They're all from the sleek chaos palette! Ha ha pretty much I just attacked my head with a brush :D

    Tennille - Thank you gorgeous! I don't think it even really looks like me haha!

    Nathalie - Thank you so much :)



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