Saturday, 5 June 2010

Review: N-Spa Hot Butter Fudge Range

Hey Dolls :)

After five years of living on my own I still get excited going food shopping and I can spend ages wandering up and down the aisles (sadly the cleaning aisle is my favorite haha). On a recent trip to Asda I had a good sniff at the N-Spa range and fell in love with the Indulgent Hot Butter Fudge products...

Sugar Body Polish

Granted, this isn't a particularly summery smell - it is a beautiful warm, buttery, fudgey, caramelly delight for the nose. It makes me very happy. I like sugar scrubs over more grainy, tough body scrubs. It's exfoliating but not too rough that your skin feels it's been assaulted with sandpaper. Unusually for a scrub, the scent lingers on the skin for quite a while. I like the packaging - it's plastic not glass though you wouldn't be able to tell just from looking and I think it looks pretty in my bathroom. For around £6 you get 350 ml of product (a lot goes a long way) so I would say this is pretty affordable!

Bath Syrup

This bath syrup creates nice, frothy bubbles (again with the beeee-utiful scent) and again the toffee smell lingers quite a while in the bath. However, it isn't very moisturising so the last couple times I've popped in a little bit of a lush bath melt. You get 500 ml for about £3/4 and again a little goes a long way :)

'Decadence' said the wise man 'is like a sumptuous caramel with a slow-burn creamy sweetness. Soft brown sugar and toffee, like clotted cream ice cream in the summer melting to hot butter fudge.'


Lots of Love


  1. omg, that sounds DIVINE! I get excited about food shopping, too.. mwhahahaha!! xxx

  2. OMG i totally agree about the food shopping part ... i love wandering around Asda with my trolly picking up what ever i want :) Ive tried the fudge body sugar and its fab!


  3. Oh my gosh, these sound gorgeous! xo

  4. Jules - ha ha I think it's because you know you're going to eat like a King for the first day or two after going shopping :D

    Stacey - haha I know though I normally have to tear myself away from the sweets aisle!

    Jennie - honestly it is my ideal smell, it makes me feel all happy and fuzzy :D


  5. oooh yes please, I'll have one of those yummy scrubby things, nom nom xx

  6. I want to eat it! I LOVE food shopping. Over Summer when I'm not at uni I go food shopping even though I don't need any =/ I'm addicted! hxx

  7. I really don't know why I haven't bought the hot butter fudge body polish!
    Every time I go to Asda (which isn't all that often) I have a cheeky sniff of this haha and breath it in, it's like eating without the calories! and then I put it back.
    I don't know why I don't just buy it.

    Next time I go I will think of this post and buy it ;)

    Fee x

  8. I recently started buying all this range since a recent family visit and she had the Hot Fudge in her bathroom - one bath later and I was obsessed. I bought nearly all the different ones in Asda - Have u tried the chocolate one???? mmmm

  9. girlinthecity - Ahhhhh it's amazing!!!

    Heather - ha ha it's so funny, on the back it says THIS IS NOT FOOD! ha do you think it's because it's wee you would always get into trouble for putting things in the trolley so now it's amazing you can buy whatever you want?

    Fee - everytime I'm in my bathroom I always have a little sniff - its addictive! And that's a brilliant way to describe it! Let me know if you buy it :)

    Happy1234 - Oh no I haven't, I'll definitely have a look the next time I'm in, thanks!


  10. I gave this range a sniff a while back in Asda but didn't buy it. I kinda wish I did now. The body polish sounds lush, although I don't know if I could ever tear myself away from Flake Away haha. Did you see the gingerbread and cinnamon range that N-Spa had out at Christmas? xx


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