Friday, 13 August 2010

The Wonders of Witch Hazel

Hey Dolls :)
About a month ago I introduced distilled witch hazel into my skin care routine and I think enough time has passed for me to blog about it.

Witch hazel is an astringent derived from the leaves and bark of the witch hazel shrub - I don't think you can buy essential oil from the plant (it doesn't produce enough oil to make this viable) so instead distilled witch hazel is produced. Distilled witch hazel has multiple uses which I will quickly talk about later. Firstly I want to talk about the biggie - the skin care benefits.

Whilst I was browsing the beauty aisles of Sainsbury's I came across this huge bottle of distilled witch hazel. As you all know I was at a bit of a loss as to what to do about my skin and thought it would be worth a try. I've been using this twice a day as a toner before moisturising. The first immediate noticeable thing about witch hazel is it has quite a distinctive smell. I can't say it's enjoyable but it doesn't linger on the skin and you do become acclimatised to it after a while.

I keep mine in the fridge so it's really quite refreshing to use. As it's a natural astringent it has really reduced the amount of oil produced in my skin which has had a huge impact on the number of break outs I've had. Also if there has been the occasional break out the witch hazel also helps to reduce any inflammation.

So after a month of using witch hazel twice daily this is how my skin currently looks foundation free...

Compare this to how my skin looks here. I am so pleased! The elements that make witch hazel so beneficial to the skin are:

  1. A natural disinfectant
  2. A natural astringent
  3. An anti - irritant (has a slight numbing effect on the skin)
  4. Anti-inflammatory properties
  5. Protects the PH balance of the skin

I have also seen a noticeable reduction in the size of my pores!

Quickly, the other uses for witch hazel include: the reduction of eye bags, quickens the healing and fading of bruises, soothes sunburn, treat dry skin (use after a shower to lock in moisture) and it can be used to refresh tired eyes.

If you want anymore information about witch hazel, I found these websites really helpful (here and here) - they go into a lot more detail about everything I've spoken about here!

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  1. Hi (:
    Great review on the witch hazel - I love finding new natural things like this to trial as skincare, I recently started using apple cider vinegar and it seems to be working pretty well! Did you find it drying at all or was it pretty gentle? I'll definitely keep the witch hazel in mind to try out (:

  2. Tammy - Ohh I've never heard of using apple cider vinegar before! I might have a little root around my cupboards! It didn't dry my skin at all, definitely a lovely gentle fluid! And it's only around £2 for this big bottle :) xx

  3. Yay £2, Sainsburys here I come!
    I love using the apple cider vinegar you can dilute it for a good toner and recently I've been applying it neat to spots and it really helps the redness and inflammation (:
    If you're going to use it use unpastuerised and without preservatives. It's great knowing you'renot piling chemicals on (at least until you do your makeup!) haha. Also start with it more dilute and I think you can work up to neat if your skin works with it - it does smell a bit but hey hold your breath and think of what it's doing for your skin! (:

  4. Great review - you skin looks great so glad to hear that this works for you. I may have to check this out next time I'm in Sainsbury's - my skin's been playing up lately and traditional oily skin products just dry it out too much. x

  5. Tammy - Ohh that will last for ages if you use it dilluted! Ha the witch hazel smells a bit too but you get used to it I think. I can put up with that if it makes you skin look nice! I'm definitely going to try it after i've finished this bottle - thank you!!

    LilyLipstick - I know you can get it in Boots and Holland and Barratt if you don't live near a sainsburys - There has been no drying to report of, I'm rather pleased :)

    Rhamnousia - Ohh yeah! Let me know what you think, again if you're not near a sainsburys you can get it from boots or holland and barratt too!


  6. You're welcome lovely (: Glad I could help!

  7. Wow, your skin looks amazing! Looks like your wearing foudation or something, sooo clear :D
    I think I really need this in my life, my skin is minging and all spotty and i really need to sort it out!
    I bought the Good Things purifying cleanser today & reminded me of you haha :)It smells DEVINE and my skin feels super clean


  8. wow ,,now i need that ,,

    your skin looks gorgeous ,,, very detailed helpful review ,, thx ,,hugs

  9. Great post! Your skin looks wonderful now. I used to use 'Witch' products so i know the weird smell, i can cope with it :)

  10. Great review! After I had given birth the midwives gave me a lot of witch hazel for my hoo-ha... it worked a treat! I then asked Tommy to go out at get me loads more, and he came back with the witch hazel gel?! I couldnt use it 'down there' so used it for my face and it really helped out my hormonal skin, I used it as a kind of serum and it just seemed to suck out all the badness from my skin, it worked a treat! :) sorry for the information overload :p


    1. Can u please tell me which brand of gel u are using


  11. Inner Belle also reviewed Witch Hazel as a toner. Do you think this could help with white heads? xx

  12. Abbie - How amazing do the good things products smell??? Yum!!! You should at least give this a try, it's only a couple of pounds!

    Princess Feef - Thank you!!

    Lillian - I remember I used to have a witch stick, it was good too!!

    Nikki - Ohh I was looking at the gel online, I think I might try it next! I had a placement with a health visitor once and I remembered them advising people to use witch hazel :D

    DesignerSpray - Ohh I don't think I'm following inner belle, I shall go have a google sesh and see if they agree :) As to the white heads I'm sure witch hazel could help as it's a natural astringent that helps soak up oil.


  13. Great review, when i trained as a beauty therapist we used witch hazel a lot to mix face masks up i'd forgot about it till now. We used it for oily or problem skin and used rose water for dry skins x

  14. Never had much luck with it before but this one looks like it works great!

  15. I use to use this every so often but i think i may try use it regularly, its cheap aswell!

  16. Sounds amazing. It's funny - ok, maybe pathetic, rather - how we buy into all the marketing hype and buy expensive products when something from a supermarket works just as well or even better! I'm putting this on my to-get list, along with sudocrem haha! I'm your newest follower!


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