Friday, 6 August 2010

Petals and Peacocks...Continued

Hey Dolls :)
I knew I'd prefer Petals and Peacocks with a smidgen of tan...

What do you think? I know most of you lovely ladies wrote that you thought it looked nice with my pale skin - maybe I prefer it like this as it's not so BAM in your face? Let me know what you think!

Whilst getting ready this morning I watched Dating in the Dark - have any of you watched it? I love it - it's my new guilty pleasure. I know it's mean but I think the light reveal is hilarious when they don't like one another! If like me you thought you would hate it, give it a chance!

Lots of Love




  1. you look lovely gurl! I looove the lip color!

  2. You're so pretty I cant decide if it looks better with or without your tan hehe

  3. I think you look good with the lippie with or with out a tan xx

  4. I like a bright lip sometimes for a change but I always need to be feeling a bit brave. I love that colour on you though

  5. Caz - Thank you lady!

    Shifa - Aww thank you so much <3

    Abbie - Thanks babe

    Jules - Ohh I know, especially with petals and peacocks because it's quite purple!



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