Monday, 23 August 2010

Things I have been enjoying lately six

Hey Dolls :)

After having a rather horrid last couple of days I thought it was time to bring some much needed positive vibes back into my life. Here are the things that have been making me very happy...

My beautiful friends

I love these girls the most! LOVE

Reading for Pleasure

The whole year I have to read lots of brilliant books but have to look at them analytically which really does take a lot of fun out of reading so I love the summer as I can read for pleasure. I've just finished Revolutionary Road by Richard Yates which is unbelievably beautifully written whilst being horribly tragic. Also, love for my charlie and the chocolate factory book mark!


Not only is Drake rather attractive I love his music, particularly his collaborations/remixes like this with Lykke Li.

Alex Reads Twilight

Britains Next Top Model

I have been loving the new series of BNTM - I think it's so exciting that we get to pick the winner! I love Charlotte and Alisha - if you've been watching it let me know who your favorite is!

Lots of Love




  1. Big hugs darling. Sweet post chicken - you and your girlies look lovely xx

  2. My favourite is definitely Charlotte! She's gorgeous and funny x

  3. You look lush in the picture girly! I hope you alright chick xx

  4. Milly - Thanks sweets! I do have rather beautiful friendlings!

    Louise - Yep I definitely want Charlotte to win!!

    Abbie - Aww thanks ladyy


  5. Your friends are beauitful :) I love my friendlings, and for sure they will be there no matter what. they hold you strong for sure.
    Lovely post, keep positive lovely- and I'm always here if u need a random chat xxx

  6. I love BNTM and I agree with you, charlotte is also my favourite! Great post hun and I hope you feel better soon! xxx

  7. 1- you look gorgeous ,, and lovely friends ,, you all look fab ,,

    2- i love Drake ,, been listening to him allot =D

    3- and i love the side braid

  8. O my days I love BNTM ALisha or Charlotte to win! LOL! I really liked Kirsty was so gutted last night when they were both in the bottom 2 =(...that Drake remix is pretty hot too! Glad you're back on the positive vibes x x

  9. Steph - What would we do without our friends!? Thanks lovely!!

    Aqsa - Aww thank you! Go Charlotte!!

    Princess Feef - Awwww thank you! <3 Drake

    Imo - I liked kirsty too though I did agree she came over a little false and arrogant at times!



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