Thursday, 26 August 2010


Hey Dolls :)

I'm staying at my mums for a while and in the process have left pretty much all of my make up back in my flat - I do hope it still knows it's loved very much! I brought NO eye shadow with me at all - I don't really know what I was thinking when I was packing, however I did randomly bring a MAC 224 and 217. Whilst borrowing my sisters straighteners I found some abandoned eye shadows hooray!!!! Here's what I'm wearing today...

Face - DiorSkin Sculpt/MAC MSF Natural/NARS Laguna/Benefit Coralista/Dior Amber Diamond

Eyes - Urban Decay Half Baked/ Bourjois Noir Precieux/Dior Amber Diamond/Benefit Bad Gal/17 Wild Curls Mascara

Lips - 17 Mirror Shine Bee-Hive

Considering I only had two blending brushes it could of looked a lot worse!! It's such a sunny day today (well it was it's a little dull now) however all my lovely twitter chums say it's all rainy where they are. See....?

Lots of Love




  1. Looks gorgeous here! And I would like some of the sun please! xx

  2. Jennie - Thank you my love :D

    Emily - Thank you!!! Ohhh did you not get enough sun when you were away ha? I'm very glad to see you back!


  3. You skin looks beautiful i really need to get some of the Witch hazel stuff!
    Ohhh soo jealous of the sun, its wasn't sunny down here but atleast it wasn't raining today :D xx

  4. super lovely makeup =) u look fresh

  5. you're looking lovely, hope everything is alright xx

  6. 3ate4 - Thank you :)

    Abbie - Cheers love, it just seems to really work for my skin!

    Princess Feef - Thank you so much!

    Tennille - Thanks sweetie, ahhh yeah everythings get a bit more back to normal now!



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