Monday, 16 August 2010

NYX Round Lip Gloss in 008 Doll Pink

Hello Sweets :)
In my recent swap with Tiffany I received two NYX round glosses - these are my first NYX glosses and they are really lovely. My favorite of the two is number 8, Doll Pink...

I'm a wee bit in love with this colour! It's so pretty and bright - I think it will go really well with petals and peacocks. The formula's really nice, it's quite fluid, not at all sticky and smells lovely. It's not the most long lasting gloss but the colour remains a fair amount of time.

I definitely want to try more round glosses - do you have any recommendations?

Lots of Love




  1. Ooh this is gorgeous, you have such a pretty pout! I still love the Urban Decay pocket rockets, ooh Revlon' lip glosses too and recently been loving 17's Ultimate Volume, surprisingly good! xxx

  2. Ooh this looks absolutely fab on you! I love Nyx, especially the round lipsticks :)

  3. ahhhh carskkyy
    love this
    lots and lots with jelly tots!
    you can really pull of bright lippys!

  4. I knew it would look so good on you! I love the new font, by the way :) (it is new, right?) xx

  5. I've tried the round lipsticks but not the round lipgloss! I'm going to have to track some down now...that colour is gorgeous! Very pretty indeed! :)

  6. May - ooo I've got on of the pocket rockets but the smell really puts me off! Definitely have a look at the 17 ones, thank you!

    Lillian - Thank you!! Ohh the lip sticks are brilliant, I got a bright bubble gum pink that I can't wait to try!! I actually just watched a video of yours where you swatch lots of nyx lippies and glosses :D

    Milly - Awww thank you!! I normally end up wearing them at rather inapporpriate times like trips to the post office ha!

    Tiffany - Aww I love it so much! Oh and well observed it is new :D

    Princess Feef - <3

    Ms. Wedgie - I definitely recommend the glosses, the colours are really buildable and there's a brilliant range!


  7. Ive been covetting Doll pink for awhile now. So glad you took a pic of it on. Its official im ordering. Ps your twitter makes me happy daily. Hahahaha


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