Friday, 20 August 2010


Hey Dolls :)

As my ladt OOTD was quite a success I decided to take a quick snap of todays outfit. I spent the day with my friend Lynsey wandering around Edinburgh Festival - it was such a lovely day! My outfit isn't very exciting though it shows some of my favorite items that I've recently bought...

Dress: H&M

Cardigan: Next

Leggings: Topshop

Shoes: New Look

Necklace: Topshop

Ring: H&M

Satchel: Next

This brown satchel is by far the favorite thing I have bought in a while - it's so beautiful, really well made and has lots of nifty pockets to hide things in. I also love this cardigan from Next, it's really light so perfect for the last wee hints of summer though cosy enough to be able to layer it up for winter. Next is never a shop I typically browse in and just popped in on a whim - I'm so glad I did!

Lastly, my wardrobe is composed mainly of basic black dresses/tops that I can dress up or down as I wish (unadventurous I know) and this little dress (current stock) from H&M is perfect - so prefect in fact I have three of them ha! I hate my arms and so the three quarter length sleeves are perfect!

Have a good weekend beauties!

Lorra Lorra Love




  1. I love the bag! I always wear sleeves too, can be annoying at times when you find something nice with no sleeves though that would look daft with a cardy!


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  3. Love the cardi and the satchel!

  4. Love love love your satchel!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  5. Adorable -- your skin looks great, too!

  6. I love the satchel! Can't believe it's from Next - I hardly ever go in there as I never expect to find anything that takes my fancy but you've got some great finds :) x

  7. Gorge bag hun! I love it! xxx

  8. I love Next now and again too, bought a hoody in the sale and is soooooooo comfy :D
    You look gorgeous m'love xx

  9. that cardigan and bad are to die for!

  10. Love the satchel :-) I tagged you for an award on my blog

  11. I LOVE NEXT! check em out for ballet pumps as they do the best at an affordable price =D


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