Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Sable I love thee

Hey Dolls :)
For me, MAC's Sable is a completely fail safe shadow, if I'm not sure what I want to wear make up wise, I swish some sable through the crease and I'm happy. I think it just looks so pretty!

Sable is definitely in my top 5 MAC shadows. Being honest it's probably because on my part it involves little effort and I know it well ha! Today I've teamed it with MAC Rice Paper - a look I've been favoring lots lately - it's quick and easy and perfect for work days!

Also quickly, I re-dyed my hair last night, I LOVE how shiny your hair is the day after dying, I only wish it would look like that all the time!

Let me know your 'go-to' eyeshadow!

Lots of Love




  1. pretty <3 you should line your waterline with black more often ,, it makes your eyes pop <3 so gorgeous

  2. My go-to shadows have been changing alot lately!
    But recently i can't stop using All That Glitters by MAC. Im on my second pan and it looks like i weill need to get numbre three soon!


  3. you look soo gorgeous hunny, i love sable on you xx

  4. You look gorgeous - really love your brows :)
    That colour is lovely, really need to get some more MAC shadows - after the holiday me thinks :)

    My go to is Shroom. I use that with a highlight colour from Benefits Brows a go go and a bit of MAC's blacktrack :) xx

  5. You look beautiful! Love love love your earrings too!


  6. I like the neutral smokey with the light lips!:D
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  7. Recently I've been loving Satin taupe in the crease with Stila Kitten

  8. as always ... stunning huni! Love your eyebrows! there fab!


  9. Love that look! I die for that lippy! what is it?!

  10. You look lush! Loving the earrings :)
    My fail safe e/s's are macs shroom and urban decays secret service matte e/s for the creasexx

  11. I purchased Sable today after reading this! I was planning on a Mac treat but had no idea what I wanted so your post was definitely a helpful nudge in Sable's direction! It looks so pretty on you :) x

  12. Princess Feef - I used to line my waterline all the time, I don't really know why I got out the way of it! Thank you :)

    Peggy Mays - ohh all that glitters is such a lovely shadow!! Good choice!

    Onna - Thank you so much <3

    Make-up Addict - Aww thank you, I might of done them a little dark but was trying to match my hair ha! Shroom is such a brilliant staple!

    Jennie - Thanks pretty ladyy! Ohh and those were total bargains - less than £2 in the accessorize sale!

    Marie - Thank you!! I normally steer clear of quite light lip colours but I love this lippie!

    Jules - Ohhh you picked two of my favorites! Stila Kitten is so beautiful!

    Stacey - Aww thank you so much love! I might tone down the brows a little tomorrow, I think they are a tad too dark, I kept thinking people were looking at me oddly today, I know it was probably my imagination though ha!

    Chelsea - It's the wetnwild lippie I spoke about in my previous post, 903c, topped up with NARS Orgasm gloss :)

    Abbie - Thank yoou! They were total bargains from the Accessorize sale :D Ohh I don't think I've ever looked at secret service, shall have a wee google sesh now!

    LilyLipstick - Aww I'm so glad you bought it! Thank you so much, and as I said on twitter I request to see it on :DD


  13. Tagged you in my blog dear.

  14. ohh i love the way my hair looks/feels after freshly dyeing it, so pretty!
    you're looking beautiful xxx


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