Thursday, 12 August 2010

Topshop Glitter

Hey Dolls :)
I recently bought the two glitter pots from Topshop after talking to one of my favorite ladies in the whole blogging land Abbie ages ago about them on Twitter. I picked Lagoon (a bluey purple) and Gilt (a dusky pink).

I finally got the chance to use them last night and they look so pretty on! As with all glitters it was a total faff, I got glitter everywhere and by the end of the night everyone I was with was covered in glitter, all part of the fun I say! Here are some snaps...

I'm sorry that photo is a little wanky - it was the only one I had that showed the glitter properly! All I did was use NYX Jumbo Pencil in Slate all over the lid, placed a shimmery purple dazzle dust over the pencil, patted gilt over the whole lid and lagoon in the outer corner. Sounds easy but as I said it was a bit of a faff about.

Also, some love for Sarah's Girls Aloud Lashes, I'm normally a Cheryl kinda girl but loved Sarah's very much...

The glitter is a lot finer than the MAC pots which I'm used to - I thought I'd prefer a finer glitter but I actually got in a bigger mess ha! Also I should point out the pot does say to keep away from eyes but I was totally fine!

Lots of Love



P.S. At the time of writing this post I was listening to Clubland Classics...and I loved it :D


  1. Ooh these are soooo pretty! I do love a bit of sparkle! xxx

  2. They look great, perfect for a night out! :) xxx

  3. I'm so bad I still havn't posted about it! LOL
    I'm going out on saturday so i'll wear the glittter and take lots of snaps :D
    Well, you look beautiful as always & loves the glitter on you babe xxx

  4. oh yeah loving the hair also, wish I could pull off the 'quiff' :D xx

  5. you look so cute and glam! sometimes it's fun having glitter all over you :D

  6. That looks so pretty :) I love glitter but hardly ever get the chance to wear it! The lashes look fab too - I have Kimberley's! x

  7. They're both very pretty colours but i just can't justify that price for glitter! You look lovely of course :)

  8. oh oh oh, i love this! glitter is amazing, you pulled it off so well!
    looking gorgeous xxx

  9. May - Yay for sparkles!

    Katy - Definitely! They were so nice as a change to the dark eye make up I do for a night out!

    Abbie - girrrrrl - get on it ha! You could so pull off the quiff!

    Caitlin - Aww thank you! Yeah I still have glitter all over my face 2 days later ha

    LilyLipstick - I didn't really think about it at the time but £6 probably is a bit deep :/

    Tennille - Aww thanks lady!


  10. Oh wow I love glitters, and these look fab!!


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