Monday, 2 August 2010

Make-Up Swapsies

Hey Dolls :)
I recently completed my second US make up swap - I love swapping so much! I swapped with Tiffany from Will Work for Make Up - Tiffany's blog is honestly one of my favorites, her FOTD's are always so beautiful! We both decided compile a list of things we wanted and then allowed each other to choose a couple of things we thought the other person would like. Here's what Tiffany sent me...

Milani Luminous (so so so pretty) and NYC Blushable Creme Stick in Big Apple Blush...

OPI's Mod About You, EOS Sphere Lipbalm in Honeysuckle Honeydew, Maybelline Eye Studio in Give Me Gold and a really pretty pair of bow earrings from Forever 21 (I LOVE forever 21 jewellery)

NYX Lipstick in Narcissus, NYX Round Lip Glosses in Ballerina Pink and Dolly Pink

Wet n Wild Lipsticks in 905 and 903 - Tiffany also sent me a Liplicious gloss in passionfruit guava which I stupidly forgot to photograph as it was in my bag - it tastes and smells like Juicy Fruit yum!

Thank you so much Tiffany - I adore everything you sent me! I can't recommend swapping enough - it's a lot of fun, you get to make some new friends and try brands you may not have an opportunity to otherwise!

I decided rather than doing swatches of everything I would use them in FOTD's in the coming few weeks, let me know if there's something in particular you wish me to talk about!

Lots of Love




  1. Aw you got some beautiful things! I'm super jealous of that NYC blushable creme stick! We need those here, a petition is needed haha xo

  2. You got some gorgeous things :) Really wish they did the creme sticks over here, they look awesome. Definitely going to have to look into this swapping business!!

  3. Yay! I'm so glad you liked everything :D Can't wait to see your FOTDs...I'm sure everything looks beautiful on you! xx

  4. omg i am jealous of your swap! lol
    if u dont mind, how did u send your package and how much was it to ship?.
    im doing a swap soon and i have nocluee =S lol

    Cotton xx

  5. BlushingLoves - Hello :) Thank you, can't wait to start using everything properly!

    Jennie - You can be in charge ;)

    Beth - I know, I think NYC should bring them over, they would do so well!

    Tiffany - Again, thank you so much lovely!!

    Cotton - hello :) You can just take it into the post office (I just sent mine in a big royal mail padded envelope and remember to wrap everything in bubble wrap!!) I think it cost between 4 and 5 pounds to ship - they give you a customs form to fill in, the first swap I did I had to fill in the form and this time the PO mann did it for me, it just asks details of what's in the package and how much it's worth...good luck with your swap! If you have any more questions you can email me at :D


  6. What lovely goodies! I really like the look of the Creme Blush stick so looking forward to seeing that in a FOTD :) x

  7. ohhokay thanks for the advice babe buying bubble wrap now! lol :)

  8. The 903 shade looks lovely!

  9. those first two products are so pretty! I wana try that Milani blusher now. Would love to see how it looks on you gurl


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