Thursday, 1 April 2010

Review: VO5 Extreme Style Matte Clay

Hello Everyone :)

You all know I ♥ big hair and I am on a constant search to find products that give me the big, beautiful hair my heart desires. On a recent rifle through our bathroom cabinet I stumbled across this little gem...

I couldn't help sticking my finger in it and having a play...and it is marvelous for adding volume around the roots of your hair. This is a forgotten product, left abandoned and lost by Nick so i'm glad I can give it some love! It's quite a tacky, thick consistency and as the name suggests is matte....

This is roughly the amount I would use for daily wear. I rub the product between the tips of my fingers on both hands and apply the product to the roots under the first layer of my hair. In terms of getting volume, I haven't used this on the crown of my head as it seems a little heavy and sticky to use here...using underneath the first layer of hair gives ample volume and hold which should last all day.

I am a champion of mattifying powders, though I have stressed that these can dry your hair so I'm trying to limit their use for special occasions. With this matte clay i've found a happy medium for everyday use, it doesn't leave hair hard - you can comb through easily and I haven't noticed any hair damage (i've been using this for about a month now). Also, this is a cheaper alternative to a mattifying powder :)

I just checked and you can get this for £2.50 in Superdrug just now!

Lots of Love


  1. I found this product in the back of my bathroom cabinet too...curtesy of a cast off from my son!!!...Agree its really good at creating volume and seperating the ends for a messed up look... I say yeh for mens hair products, have to check out some more...!..x

  2. Haha yep i'm definitely up for having another look through my bfs toiletries! xxx


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