Wednesday, 7 April 2010

A Forgotten Friend

Hello Everyone :)

I spent the whole of yesterday watching series 5 of The Hills and afterwards felt a serious need for long beautiful wavy hair with plaits and headbands galore. This then caused me to fall back in love with an old conical wand.

I don't know why I go through stages of using this lovely contraption and then not as it really does leave your hair in beautiful waves...

I love love love it!! The thing that surprises me every time I use my conical wand is how fast it is...I just wind my hair round the wand for about 10 seconds to get the above curls. In work one girl told me I must have too much time on my hands to do this to my hair in the morning (a tad cheeky but oh well lol) but honestly I don't think this takes much more time than using my ghd's and I much prefer this style!

I can also say that it works on any hair type as I used this on my lovely friend clare's hair on saturday who has beautiful super curly hair and the waves were the same as mine - yay!!

Let me know what you think!
Lots of Love

PS For funsies here's a moooostache photo



  1. It looks lovely! I really would like a conical wand haha! You are very pretty xx

  2. haha, love the last pics lovely :)
    I love the Hills, but hate them all so much at the same time as they are just too bloody pretty!
    Ur hair looks gorgeous though


  3. Your hair looks gorgeous :) Loving the last photo's ha x

  4. Your hair looks super pretty! I was watching the Hills yesterday too on MTV. I love LC and Audrina's hair :)

  5. Your hair looks great!
    i would love too have those same curls <3
    funny mustache

  6. Ooooh, looks lovely !
    Me and my mother love the hills muahaha, we don't really watch it now that Laurens not init though :/ x

  7. @Shabna - Oh you should get one! They're not very expensive at about £20 :)

    @Steph - I know they always all look perfect boo :(

    @Charlotte - Thank you :D

    @Louise - thanks hunny - i'm a goon haha

    @Cherub Cheeks - Ah thank you!! I loved audrinas hair at the end of series 5 when it was all highlighted, so pretty!

    @Sanne - Aw thank you :)

    @Abbie - Thanks hunny - nah I hated kristen cavalri from laguna beach so wasn't impressed when she came to the hills!



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