Friday, 30 April 2010

Tag: The Infinite Playlist

Hello Everyone :)

I saw this tag on Rachel's blog and thought I would do it. As much as I love make up, I adore music!! All you have to do is talk about your five favorite I have many many more favorite songs that I would love to include so I ended up just pressing random on my favorites playlist on i-tunes....

The Pogues - Love You Till The End

I love The Pogues - I was brought up listening to them by my dad and this has always been my favorite Pogues song. I think it is so so so beautiful and always makes me feel all fuzzy and warm inside. It was recently used on the P.S I love You soundtrack (which I hate myself for loving, i'm not usually one for soppiness).

No Doubt Magic's in the Make Up

I couldn't not include this song - No Doubt are by far my favorite band in the whole wide world, whenever I'm feeling a bit blue I pop on Tragic Kingdom and I instantly feel cheerier. This song was the inspiration for my blog name and is one of my favorite later No Doubt songs - so so so excited about their comeback!!

Patrick Wolf - Overture

I pretty much could have picked any Patrick Wolf song to include here - I love them all! Overture reminds me of warm sunny days in Kelvingrove Park with BBQs and boxes of cheap white wine and laughing so much it hurts.

Justice vs Simian - We Are Your Friends

This song always reminds me of walking home from Optimo singing this at the top of our voice every Sunday for a year and then lying about Sarah's living room chatting total rubbish for hours drinking vodka out of mugs and muching ice poles. Ahhhh good times!

The Smiths - Ask

Like Patrick Wolf, I could of picked any Smiths song and I would be happy. In particular Ask reminds me of being rather happy and content and butterflies in my tummy!

Roger Sanchez - Another Chance

Ah haha I can't believe this song came up! For me this was the summer before I moved out when I was 17 - it's my friends and I holiday song, it's chatting up boys wearing too much hair gel and it's a little sad as we've all moved on and don't really talk now - I suppose that's the way it goes!

Angels and Airwaves - Everything's Magic

Ahha I wouldn't say this is one of my favorite songs but it's in my favorites folder as it reminds me of Nick who loves them! When Nick and I first started seeing each other he would drive down to Dalry (where I lived on the Coast) and we'd go and sit in his car beside the seaside at Largs and talk for ages about total rubbish (eg how wierd stars are, do you think aliens exist, how if I ever have a daughter I want to call her Lola haha) for hours and he would always have Angels and Airwaves on. It just reminds me of the butterflies you get when things are new and lovely. Also I included the short film version as it makes me laugh - I love a fake moustache!

Yeah so I cheated and made it seven songs and as I said there are millions more! I would love others to do this - I want to hear some of your stories!

Lots of Love


  1. my boyfriend used to play everythings magic by angels and airwaves on repeat in his car and whenever we were on the train! I totally forgot about this song but it has a lot of good memories too (even if it did get kind of annoying when he once played it on repeat during a 1 hour and 30 minutes train jounrney) :') hahaha

    Great blog by the way :) xx

  2. angels & airwaves = great
    the smiths = great

    They were my first concert when I was like 10. I've seen them twice now and Gwen is still bad-ass.

  3. Aww I'm so glad someone did it! x


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