Sunday, 11 April 2010

Who do I look like...?

Hello Everyone :)

Yesterday I broke out 'The Fringe' (If you don't know about 'The Fringe' click here), arrived at work, sat down, popped my glasses on and started reading my give you a visual this is what I looked a bit like (this was taken today, make up less)...

It was a good five minutes before I realised one of my lovely (!) co-workers was looking at me, totally ending himself with laughter. In reply to my constant whining 'whaaaaat are you laughing at' - he replied, 'With that fringe and those glasses you look like....'


Ha aye cheers pal!

Lots of Love


  1. Ohemgee, u so don't look like ugly betty. I love the fringe i want one! where did u get yours? x

  2. No you don't you look gorgeous!!! The fringe suits your face beautifully!!


  3. Haha i wouldnt agree to be honest but i wouldnt take that as too bad as i think she is really gorgeous, and on the new american ones she is stunning!!

  4. I think you look cute and definately not like ugly betty lol!

  5. @brittanyjoy - thanks hunny, I got it from a stand in a local shopping centre, you can def get similar ones on ebay!
    @obsessed makeup addict Thank you so much :)
    @GlitterandLove - She's beautiful in that photo! Sadly I don't think thats the look he was referring to ha ha!!
    @Irishenchantment - Ha thanks hunny!

    You've all been far too nice - it really isn't the most flattering of looks, I feel my glasses and fringe will never meet again :D x

  6. oh id love one of those fringes!, dont think i have the guts to get a full on fringe cut, wasnt sure if these actually worked.Might give them a go when i eventually get my natural hair colour sorted so that its not 5 in 1 haha


  7. Ha ha you can dye them too though because they're human hair :) xxx


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