Thursday, 8 April 2010


Hello Everyone :)

A couple of people have commented lately asking about my brows. I am in no way an expert and being honest brow filling is something I've only started experimenting with but i'm quite happy with the routine i've setlled into. Firstly i'll show a before and after picture...

In the first picture my brow is less defined, has sparse areas and also has a few stray hairs. However, in the second picture they are tidier, more defined and shaped. Personally, brow maintance has become an indespensable part of my daily routine, it adds definition and frame for my face - I am sold on the power of the brow!

I have experimented a lot lately on the best way to shape and fill in my brows - I don't like scary 'spok brows' or a line that looks like it's obviously been drawn in. Personally I would stay away from stencils, instead work with your natural shape (I have learned the hard way ha). Anyways the easiest and most natural method I have found is to use a small angled brush and powder. A pencil is also good but as they contain wax it's not as long lasting as a powder as it melts with body heat.

For darker hair I would say always go for a shade or two lighter than your natural colour, if you're a similar hair colour to me MAC's expresso is quite a good match

Try and use a small, stiff angled brush as it will make it much easier to get a more arch. My number one choice is my favorite and most used brush by sephora which I have three of haha...

Good alternatives are the Revlon small angled brush and the MAC 208.

My top tips for brow shaping and filling in are:
  1. Always use small strokes, avoid drawing in one long line as this can often look fake.
  2. Always use straight strokes and not curves - the aim is to add angles.
  3. Don't forget the tail of your brow - extending this down to a trimmed edge is much more flattering.
  4. Always use your natural brow shape as a guide, don't try and alter it too much.
  5. Use clear mascara rather than buying expensive brow gels/wax.
Hopefully this was helpful - As I'm still dabbling in the wonderful world of eyebrows let me know what your current routine is or if you even have one :)

Lots of Love

PS A good way of comparing the effect is to compare this post with this post


  1. I've just watched two videos on how to do the brows, eveyones loving the brows at the mo!
    I always go in and out of spells where i do and then don't do my brows
    but yours do look fab ;) ahah xx

  2. you do have gorgeous shaped brows ! lucky girl xo

  3. @Abbie - ha tis all about the power of the brow! i've only just realised how important they are - thank yoou!

    @Tennille - Thanks babe :)



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