Tuesday, 6 April 2010

A Tag, Some Music and Chat!

Hello Everyone :)

How are you all?? This is a bit of a mish mash so I do apologise! First of all, I wish to provide you with a musical treat to listen to whilst reading this...who has seen the new M&S advert? They have used one of my favorite favorite favorite songs in the whole world - Cheryl Lynn 'To Be Real' click play and have a boogie round your know you want to!!

I was tagged by beautiful Luce to to do the following tag:

1. Go to the fifth photo albumn on your computer
2. Post the fifth photo from this album on your blog
3.Explain the story behind the photo
4. Tag 5 fellow bloggers.

Here's my photo...

I think this was hogmany 2007/8 and myself and my two friends Elianne and Lauren went to The Arches in Glasgow to colours. I took a total tantrum that night as I paid £45 for my ticket mainly to see 2manydjs and they were on at 9.30....SAY WHAAAAAT?? We hadn't even left home at half nine!! I was not amused!! Yet again this is just one of my many photos that demonstrate my boobs many multi-uses...this time a handy shelf for people to rest their weary heads on ah ha! If you haven't done this before (or even if you have as I already have) go and do it now so I can have a leetle perv!

Now I'm looking for some words of any of you ever have a confidence crisis about your blog? I have been hitting the total jangly nerves lately and I'm not quite sure why! I've been losing followers all over the shop which despite having a group of beautiful lovely ladies who read my blog always makes me a bit sad! Please let me know i'm not the only one who gets a little self conscious/nervey about their blog sometimes...or else if you don't - how do you do it?? Right, needy ramble OVER :D

Lots of Love

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  1. Great Post! I love the M&S advert! I think Dannii Minogue looks fab and doesn't even look like she's pregnant! xxx

  2. awww lil dudes, dont be sad about loosing blog followers its not about the number, its about the people (like me) who religiously read your posts and love you! alot of people follow purely for giveaways and shit so dont worry about it. silly moo xxx

  3. Ahhhh I know!! I always love how Dannii looks!! xx

  4. Ahhh thanks's not so much about the numero as much as my blog is pretty much the blog version of me if that makes sense so it just makes me a little sad when someone decides to unfollow....I am being a silly moo haha xxx

  5. God, I love this song SO MUCH! When the M&S ad comes on I'm like a girl possessed. SUCH a fab tune! :)

  6. I love that song too!
    I'm a bit of a secret M&S fan (seriously, half my wardrobe is from there but my friends always look really shocked when I tell them stuff I wear is M&S - pssh!) so I get really excited when the ad comes on!
    And I understand the blog paranoia...I haven't had much time to post lately as I'm revising for final year exams which kinda takes priority but I'm worried that my poor little blog is going to get abandonned when it's only just starting out! x

  7. I just stumbled upon your blog, and after scrolling through a couple of pages and finding references to Pokemon, Jacob (of the not Edward variety), Angel, and Jonathan Creek, I can safely say I've have absolutely no idea why any girl with good taste would stop following you :)

  8. Love your blog hun, one of the ones that always makes me smile...:0) I dont have that many followers myself and sometimes wonder if the numbers will go up, I love blogging and it's good to know people like to read your rambles...! Love that song on the M&S advert....makes me want to dance round my lounge!!!!!...x

  9. @Jen - I knooow!!! I don't think anyone could resist have a wee dance along!

    @LilyLipstick - Ha ha I love M&S too!! Ahhh we'll all be waiting for you to come back with open arms :D

    @Charlotte - You made me smile lady, thank you!!!

    @Emmalou - Your numbers will def go up luv! I really like your blog and if you keep plugging away it will happen!


  10. I think everyone has confidence lows & highs and it's absolutely normal! I'm still getting my feet wet with blogging but sometimes I think I'll sound like a fool and will stop myself from posting stuff. I think I'll get over it in time but at the same time I know it will happen again at some point or another. I absolutely adore your blog and I know its a bit nerving to lose some people but remember people will come and go.... meaning more WILL come b/c your blog is great.

  11. @Cait - Ah you should just post whatever you want lovely - there are plenty of things that make me look like a fool on here cough cough the moustache photo above ha ha...Thanks hunny!! xxx


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