Thursday, 29 April 2010

Review: Boots Original Formula

Hello Everyone :)

I feel like I haven't done a proper review in a very long time and I'm quite excited about these products. I have been quite the devotee to Liz Earle skin products for quite a while however lately I have read a couple of things that have made me want to see what else is out there in the world of skincare. Whilst wandering aimlessly around boots a couple of weeks ago I started looking at their original formula range and so decided to give it a bash...

In all honesty I was reeled in by the beautiful vintage style packaging and thoughts of how pretty they would look on my dressing table. However, I also love the idea of using some 'beauty classics' - skincare that is fairly simple and uncomplicated. I've been using the Cold Cream, Skin Tonic and Day Cream for the last two weeks and here are my thoughts so far...

Cold Cream

I have never used a Cold Cream before so was a tad unsure about how to use it. All I do is massage it into my skin in circular motions day and night and then remove with a damp cotton pad.

As you can see, it's quite a thick consistency which is really good for helping to remove make up at night and also feels quite moisturising for a cleanser. The formula isn't greasy and overall does exactly what it says it claims to do: 'sweeps away impurities and make up without drying your skin, leaving it soft, supple and delightfully clean'. Yep, I agree with you Boots! The only thing I would say is that i've been hesitant to use this around my eye area and have been using a separate eye make up remover.

The three products I have chosen are scented with rose oil and I think the smell is beautiful - it reminds me of being wee and sniffing all the pots in the gift shop at Culzean Castle, it's so odd how a smell can instantly take you back to a specific time! However, I do think that it may not be everyones cup of tea.

Skin Tonic

The skin tonic is good to use after the cold cream as it quickly removes any residue left over. I always remember my Granny talking about Glycerin and Rose Water which are the two main ingredients in the skin tonic. It's light and fresh and leaves the skin feeling clean and refreshed. The one downside for me is that there is a slight note in the fragrance that differs from the two creams - I wouldn't say it's unpleasant, just a little odd! It makes a nice change to the 'paint stripper' type toners that i've used before (Yes, clinique clarifying lotion, i'm looking at you - if something physically makes my eyes water i'm not putting it anywhere near my face!)

Vanishing Day Cream

Ahhh this is such a lovely, light moisturiser. Again, it is scented with rose oil and one of the main active ingredients is olive oil! It's quite a fluid cream that literally does vanish into your skin in seconds. It leaves your skin feeling moisturised and refreshed. Because the cream is so light it probably isn't suitable for someone with really dry skin but if you have normal/combination skin like I do, it works really well!

Overall, I am rather impressed with the range. All of the products are extremely affordable (in fact just now I think many of them are half price!), the packaging is beautiful and most of all I love the idea of going back to skincare basics - the cold cream is based on one of the first ever Boots recipes!

Lots of Love


  1. I loooove the packaging, it's so vintage indeed! :D
    thanks for the review


  2. Thank for the review ;) I would love to try all those things but we dont have boots here ;)

  3. Great review. I really want to try all those! x

  4. I've never seen these in my local boots! How cute is that packaging?! I can't find the ingredients for the toner anywhere, can I ask if it has parabens in it?

    Great review! xo

  5. I adore the packaging!
    The bottle would look great after you've used it up with a little fresh flower poking out the top!

  6. Anca - It looks really pretty on my dressing table!

    SummerBabe - Aww that's rubbish :( where is it you live?

    Tackyblueeyeshadow - You should try them just now because they're half price!

    Jennie - Sadly all three of the products have methylparaben in them :( I'm defintely on the hunt for good affordable paraben free skincare - what is it you're using at the minute love?

    Sarah - Oooh what a brilliant idea!


  7. I bought the toner the other day but I haven't started using it yet.
    They are really pretty products aren't they?!
    Lucie x

  8. planning a boots trip tomorrow, so will deffo be purchasing some of these.. the packaging is amazing as well! x

  9. Great review! This stuff sounds great I might have to check it out!

    In case US people care I'm pretty sure they sell Boots products at Target now.... :)

  10. Great review. Im going to take a look at the day cream. I've been looking for a light day cream for ageees!

  11. damn that's a shame! i think im gonna have to raid neal's yard next week. expensive but paraben freee!

    loving your new layout lovely <3 xoxo

  12. Lucie - yep, deffo reeled in by the bottle!

    Perfectionishuman - Ooo let me know what you pick up!

    Jane - Ohh that's good that it's available in the US, Thanks for the info :D

    Louisa - honestly it melts into your skin so quickly!

    Jennie - Oooo can't wait to read what you think of Neal's yard!!


  13. I love this collection of products. I have the cold cream, toner, skin balm and cuticle oil. I love the toner and cold cream and found it the same as you, but i also got the vanishing day cream and night cream and can't use them because they really sting my skin! It's so odd! :(

  14. This was the first post I ever read on your blog and it just came up under your MAC PnP one for other posts I would like.

    That Skin Tonic is my HG toner, IF I ever see it in Boots again, I am going to buy about 100 of them.


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