Monday, 26 April 2010

FOTD and A Recent Rediscovery

Hello Everyone :)

I'm up bright and early for work today so thought I would take a few snaps of my make up - to be honest it's nothing fancy or complicated...


MAC Studio Fix Fluid
Clinique Translucent Powder
Illamasqua Cream Blush Laid
Illamsqua Powder Blush Nymph


MAC Mineralize Shadow in Devil May Cry
Urban Decay Ecstasy
Urban Decay AC/DC mixed with Gunmetal
MAC Smoulder Pencil
MAC Zoom Lash


MAC Creme Cup
MAC Florabundance

Yep as I said nothing to groundbreaking or exciting though I am quite enjoying being natural and pale :)

I was having a clothes crisis this morning, I hated everything I put on and eventually was just going to wear one of Nick's hoodies (it covers bum so it's all good!), leggings and Uggs as I'm just jumping in the car and then straight into work until I found this at the back of my wardrobe...

I thought I'd lost it hooray!! I think it's so cute and a bit different to the millions of crop top/off the shoulder tops that are in the shops just now :)

Lots of Love


  1. Your eyes are so pretty!!


  2. omg where is that top from its gorgeous loving your FOTD too :D x

  3. Yay for pales hehe :)
    Even though you don't look that pale to me..
    I've actually got fake tan on though.. When my skin is playing up i find it much easier to be tanned, don't know why ahah :P
    You look lovely though xxx

  4. I lovelovelovelovelove that top!!

  5. does that top have hearts all over it? I can't tell if they're hearts or polkadots, but whatever they are it's super cute!

  6. May - Aww thank you!!

    SarahBabyLove - It's from Topshop :)

    Abbie - Ha I don't even had bronzer on!! I think a tan hides spots better...

    dontcallmejessie - Me toooo :D

    Caitlin - It's lots of lovehearts <3


  7. that color e/s looks very fab on you!
    love it :).

  8. Why do you keep trying to pretend you're thinner than you are? Again in the top photo you look thinner than the bottom (look at that double chin). Stop pretending to be something you're not, a person your real size shouldn't be wearing tops in that style, it isnt flattering

  9. @Bree Howe about you stfu and leave the poor girl alone? She is rocking that top in my opinion so just lay off yeah?

    Is that what gets you off is it? Becoming a keyboard warrior and putting people down over the internet. That's really big of you but I bet you wouldn't say it to her face.

    And what the fuck is this 'a person your real size shouldn't be wearing tops in that style, it isnt flattering' I'm sorry is that a crop top she's wearing? No no it isn't.

    Now go play in the traffic plz and leave her the hell alone. And while yur at, go take a look in the mirror I betchur ass you ain't picture perfect!

    @Nic I'm sorry about that. ^ You know me. But anyway you look laaavley and the top is lush. And so is Mr Leto ovar here. --->


  10. You look super stunning sweetie :)
    I love that makeup on you and yey for embracing the pale :D
    Also "Bree" is just jealous of you gorgeous!
    Bit obsessed if you ask me ;)


  11. Ahh, I wish I could go shadow half as pretty as that. I tried purple smokey eye last week and look like I'd got punched. Ahaha!

    Was actually wanting to know where you got your top from! After something like it for my holidays :)

    & ''Bree'' doesn't know what she's on about ;) You're gorgeous!

  12. Ohh, love the top and you look gorgeous in your FOTD hun. x

  13. @Bicky Please fuck off stupid cow I wasn't aware I was talking to you. I'm just saying my opinion and if you dont like it not my problem. Fact is when you first look at her she looks a lot thinner than she is and I dont like when people pretend to be something they are not

  14. @Bree: What, like you're pretending to be a helpful person trying to give a nice opinion when in actual fact you're a little shitrag? Kindly move along.

  15. @Bree Woah woah woah. You fucking what?! I aint fucking off anywhere love. What gives you the right to insult someone like that? If you can then I can say whatever the hell I like to you! So don't act all high and mighty.

    Like you just said, I'm stating my opinion and if you don't like it's not my problem! Don't contradict yourself.

    You ever heard of different camera angles? It's the same as different lighting for example. Are you saying she's a whale but she does the right poses to look skinny?

    What I don't understand is why her weight bothers you so much? Are you with her, no? So why does it bother you so much?

    Ohmygod doe. Lol atchoooo.

    I'd advise you to stop talking because I will continue to pwn yur ass if you keep insulting my friends.

    And again sorry Nic for the abuse. ;) Love yew. <3

  16. I'd also like to jump on Bickys bandwagon by pointing out, how is she "pretending" to be skinny? Where exactly has she posted her size 0 measurements?

  17. haha Guys didnt you get the "Look How Skinny I am OOTD" in the title. I've never seen this blogger before but she looks gorge in my opinion...healthy normal natural and I have to say she looks pretty much the same in both those pictures. No bigger or skinnier in either one.

    AND if she was trying to look 'skinny' why would she then post a picture where she supposedly look her 'real' size below it. That would defeat the whole 'pretending to be skinny' point.

    Anyway great post hun.... I will be promptly clicking the follow button :) x

  18. Hi Nic i'm a new follower :)
    I really love your top, it looks so cute on you! And your look is gorgeous, i love the eyes especially, the light purples look amazing with your brown eyes.

    And @Bree:
    What a disgusting comment. For the first thing it's complete nonsense. You are not in the slightest bit fat and i really can't see any difference between the way you look in the 2 pictures. If you don't like people pretending to be something they're not you're going to hate the internet, at least this gorgeous girl isn't photoshopping every imperfection away like some bloggers i've seen. If you can't say anything nice don't say anything at all. Where on earth is the need to say something that is nothing but abusive. Besides you're wrong, Nic looks gorgeous (What double chin???) and clearly isn't pretending to be something she's not.

  19. Good lord who the fuck is this Bree - she'll have a field day with me! Horrible bitch!

  20. @Onna Can't you see her gaunt face in the first one?! The way are cheek bones are poking out? And then look at the second one look how fat she is! Oh myyyyyy word.

  21. Whatever - everyone can form their little clique, People cant stand hearing the truth and it makes me laugh how you all hide behind this we love each other, everything's amazing and we're all so amazing bullshit

    Get over it

  22. @Bree Yeah it's coz we're actually civil to each other and get on? We don't go round calling perfectly healthy people fat.

    BAI. And enjoy when karma comes around and kicks your ass so hard.

    Oh and wtf?! I AM AMAZING. You don't have to remind me.


  23. O we don't love each other.
    I think Onna is a slag and Bicky has a big nose.

  24. Oh and I don't hide behind anything. Did you not read anything I said? If that's hiding then shit!

  25. @Maxime LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Course I do. It's got a wart too. Just have to cover it up in MS Paint.

  26. Ew gross. Stop being so ugly and get off my screen

  27. I think you look gorg sweetie & that top is SO cute! I can never to seem find off the shoulder stops around here. Tis lame! And purple looks really good on your eyes! Also, ignore bitchy comments because you're very pretty and awesome and I don't think anyone has the right to tell you otherwise. And I'm also pretty sure you can't pretend to be skinny but that's a big duh so I'm not going to sit here and even attack on that one.

    People are allowed to voice their opinions, I'm totally for that and all bree... but have some coothe would you? There's no need to be an asshole to someone else. If you have a negative comment to say, then go ahead and click the little x on the page and keep it to yourself. There's constructive criticism and then there's someone being hateful to be hateful. I'm not trying to attack you because that's just as lame as you coming on here and being rude, but really... just keep harsh words to yourself because no one wants to hear that. thanks

  28. Stunningly gorgeous lady! :) xx

  29. You look absolutely beautiful Nic, your tops gorgeous, your makeup is gorgeous and you seem an all round lovely girl! ignore that stupid Bree, what hurtful things to say! xoxx


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