Tuesday, 30 March 2010

March Favorites

Hello Everyone :)

I hate five week months...they always seem so long and pay day always seems so far away boo! I've been pondering over my monthly favorites and i've come to the conclusion...that i'm quite boring! In a nicer way, i'm loyal to products I know and love eg Cleanse and Polish is all I ever want in a cleanser so I'll never stray. Where as foundations, mascaras, blush products i'm rather fickle. Anyway, what i'm attempting to say amongst all this rambling is that every month there are always a little team of products that I rely on...however, this is not the post for them, this post is to honour my fickleness :D

1. Illamasqua Promise + MAC Well Dressed

I've been experimenting with different blush combinations and I have fallen in love! In a previous post I talked about how I could only wear Promise when I have a tan. However, with well dressed layered on top, they combine to create a beautiful, glowy colour...
2. MAC Blanc Type

This was left, abandoned on my 'to-depot' pile (shamefully many of these shadows are unloved and still in their boxes, must devote time to depotting). On a recent rifle through I discovered Blanc Type. You all know I have a bit of a fear of really shimmery brow highlight colours so for me, blanc type (matte and slightly lighter than my skin tone) is the perfect highlight colour.

3. Benefit Strut & MAC Print

It's the month of new combinations apparently...a slick of strut and a smudge of print creates the perfect, quick smokey's quickly becoming one of my favorites when i'm in a hurry

4.Illamasqua Pencil in Strumpet

Red lipstick is often a look i've never really felt I could pull off, however i've braved it a couple of times this month and it's all down to strumpet (love illamasqua product names ha). Red always has the habit of bleeding or looking a little messy on me. However, because this pencil is hard and not creamy, it's much easier to be precise (particularly on my tiny upper lip). If you struggle with darker coloured lipsticks, definitely have a look at Illamasqua pencils, I'm definitely going to look at other colours!

5. Asda Facial Wipes

If Nick and I have any hope of a holiday this year, I need to dramatically cut my beauty spending. I have been using MAC wipes for the last couple of years which have now been deemed as an unnecessary expense. I bought these wipes from Asda for dum dum duuuuuum...28p! And they aren't too bad. I only use wipes to remove my make up and then use a separate cleanser and these do exactly that, even removing liquid liner. I did have to use a separate eye makeup remover for my mascara but i'm ok with that! The only drawback is that they are a tad rough but I feel it's the best 28p i've spent since crunchies were 25p!

6. Toni & Guy Heat Defence Spray

I don't actually use this as a heat protectant, I much prefer my Tres Semme. However, I've been using this spray as a leave in conditioner for my hair extensions. I neglect my extensions and lately they haven't been very happy. However, i've noticed such a difference in their condition by spraying my extensions at night after i've worn them :)

Also, a non beauty related favorite...

Team Jacob and Proud!

Can't wait to read all of your March favorites...I'm now going to tuck into my McD's chocolate milkshake and have a bubble at the last episode of No Angels, Hope you all had a marvelous March and an Awesome April (that was so lame ha ha)

Lots of Love


  1. ooh bargainous 28p wipes! and those blushes look super pretty on you lovely &hearts' xo

  2. Hi, love the blush combination!

    Have a great week ;)


  3. @Jennie - I feel its a match made in blush heaven haha

    @SummerBabe - Thank you :)


  4. Those blushes look gorgeous!
    I am also team jacob :D ahah xx

  5. I love a monthly favourites post! :) Those blushes are gorgeous! I must have well dressed! I spent a little time depotting the other night... its satisfying!


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