Wednesday, 17 March 2010

New Revlon Stuffs

Hello Everyone :)

I never intended on buying Revlon photoready after reading all of the 'cullen' reviews etc...However, I was wandering the aisles of Superdrug this morning and found myself testing colours. Moments later I found myself in line, photoready in hand.

I don't know why, photoready is pretty much the opposite I go for in a foundation. I like heavy coverage, matte foundations due to my horrendous skin...the opposite of photoready! I tried it tonight and here are the intial results...

My first impressions of photoready are meeeeeeh, I just don't know! It is a light coverage (you can see a spot trying to break free haha) though obviously this is good as we come into nice weather. It actually makes your skin feel really soft...colourstay, double wear and studio fix fluid have all left my face feel quite tacky and clogged up so this is quite a nice change!

However, other reviews have stated it's not untill you're in direct sunlight that you get your sparkle on so I'm going to reserve judgement!

I also had a look at their new nailpolishes...I was going to pick up minted but i'm still trying to work my way through MACs peppermint patti (love the colour, hate the forumla) so instead I picked up lilac pastelle...

This reminds me of my beloved OPI Mod About You...and I hate to say it, I much prefer the Revlon formula! This is after two coats and is a lot less streaky, I really like it!

Lots of Love


  1. lovely review of the photoready hun :)I think I will be skipping this one

  2. Ive nonminated u for an award on my blog.


  3. i did a post i think you will be REALLY excited about. (satc related) <3

  4. @Shifa...Thanks lovely...yeah i've used it for a couple days and really don't like it

    @Tennille...Thank youu :)

    @Life love and lipgloss....thanks hunny, i'll go look now :)

    @Tina...I went and had a peek, how exciting!! I love all the colours!


  5. Hi, I have to yet try photoready, but just cant decide to after all those mixed reviews :S

    Like the nail polish!

    Come to visit my blog and follow me:)



  6. I love that nail colour! Beautiful! Would look great on tanned feet! Bring on the summer!


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