Thursday, 11 March 2010

Make Up Bag, Eclipse, Ramble Ramble!

Hello Everyone :)

On formspring someone asked me what make up I carry about with me on the go...and so I decided to follow my own advice and show you rather than just tell you :D. A couple of months ago I used to cart around everything except the kitchen sink....eyeshadow and everything. However, my lovely friend Ruby pointed out this was completely ridiculous and since then i've dramatically cut down what I cart about with me...

I tend to change what's in my make bag each day dependent on what i'm what i'm showing you tonight will probably change tomorrow but you get the idea! Oh and also I got my make up bag from H&M.

  • MAC Studio Tech...This is one product that is always in my make up bag, in fact it never leaves! At the moment I'm using Double Wear as my normal foundation, but studio tech is brilliant for touch ups on the go. It has a handy mirror and is so lightweight on the skin, i'm not a fan of piling fresh make up on top of old so the lightness of this is perfect!
  • Illamasqua Blush in Promise...This is something that does change dependent on what i'm wearing that day. I have always taken my blush with me...I tend to find when wearing a powder blush I want to touch it up come the afternoon, however I wore this today and it lasted all day :D
  • MAC Shorthandled 187...This and the 168 were the two reasons I wanted the 'do the trick buff and line' brush set from 2009 holiday collection. I have the standard version of these but got frustrated as they don't fit in my make up bag...voila, problem solved! The 187 is the perfect brush for applying cream blush!
  • MAC Smoulder Khol pencil...Dark eyes are my number one so reapplication of liner is essential for me...I have recently rediscovered smoulder
  • M&S Cotton Buds...These are the buds that you can snap and out comes some make up remover, perfect for on the go!
  • MAC Snob Lipstick...Another product that changes often depending on what i'm wearing...on a side note snob and promise are a perfect colour combination!
  • Vaseline...Never leaves my bag, love the rose version!
As the title suggests, this post is going to develop into a twilight ramble so if you're not a fan I suggest you vamoosh ha! Have you all seen the new trailer for Eclipse? If not go here and watch now!! Waaaaah i'm so excited, everything about twilight turns me into a giggling 12 year old school girl! Honestly my friends and I have spent hours chatting total twilight friend and I got some odd looks whilst waiting to go into our Modernism tutorial today after a HUGE 10 minute twilight chat...I suppose i'm supposed to read 'grown up books' since I study english lit ha ha. So my lovely ladies...what's your team, Edward or Jacob? I can't deny it I'm TEAM JACOB! I have been ever since the books ahhhh i'm not going into a big rant as to why (I may devote a whole post to this nearer the release of eclipse)...I want my vampires to do a bit more than sparkle, a bit like these bad boys...

I think i'm going to have lots of vampy/werewolf dreams tonight :D

Lots of Love


  1. Haahaa, Vampy dreams !
    I Loveed reading this,
    and thats like me i always change whats in my make up bag!
    keep blogging! xxx

  2. NOOOOOOO Team Edward ALLL the way ... im total anti-jacob lol! Ive been team edward since reading all the books ... i always said i wouldnt get caught up in the whole twilight hype but now im the biggest geek ever!


  3. Team Edward!! But I love Vampire diaries more I think x

  4. Booo I think i've been outnumbered :( xxx

  5. waayyyyy out numbered hun ... Edward ALL the way! :) x

  6. whos the last pic of?
    it looks like my friends friend... :/

  7. It's brad pitt!! From interview with a vampire xxx


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