Tuesday, 23 March 2010

MAC Club Eyeshadow

Hello Everyone :)

I am a proper sick child this week, I've got a really bad cold and an ear infection so make up and shampoo has pretty much been ruled out (Really don't want to get water in my ear!). I was chatting about this on twitter but this ear infection melarkey would be quite funny if I didn't feel so rubbish, it's completely messed up my balance so I can't even walk in a straight line, i'm Stagger McStagger just now booo!!

I bought Club Shadow about a month ago and honestly have been wearing it lots and lots...

The magical thing about Club is that it's a duochrome colour so where you would typically need two different coloured only need one! In the pan I don't think it looks a particularly tantalising colour, it looks a bit muddy and bleugh but on the lid the colour transforms...

So, on the lid Club is a lovely brown/green however when blended up into the crease it loses the green and transforms into a red/brown...I don't really understand why this happens, I think it's something to do with the angle the light hits the eye...? I do apologise as I pretty much just slapped the colour on and blended a bit slap dash without shaping the shadow oops...

Pretty much I love this as it means you only use one shadow rather than two (I do recommend using a cream base, if you don't have one you could even use a khol liner) and I only needed to use two brushes = lovely eye make up in under a minute :D

Let me know what you think

Lots of Love


  1. great shadow, thanks for review!


  2. i love this colour looks soo pretty think im going to have to check it out next time im in mac :) hope your feeling better soon xoxo

  3. club is one of my absolute favorites -- so gorgeous!

  4. This looks lovely......Another MAC one similar to this is Blue/Brown Pigment it has a similar effect where you can blend the shadow out and it's two toned.... I find it looks best with MAC "blackground" used a the Blog I'm a new

  5. wow that looks loevly xox

  6. I LOVE club! Definitely one of my favs! I actually just did an EOTN using it!


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