Sunday, 14 March 2010

Sunday is Pamper Day

Hello Everyone :)

By far, Sunday is my favorite day of the's my only day off, what with work and uni and I get the house all to myself as Nick is busy working till 12 so a little routine has emerged on how I spend my's beauty day! I find a day of pampering and relaxation really sets me up for the week ahead and generally just chills me out after the previous hectic week! Here's my Sunday routine...which actually starts on Saturday evening as I always ensure to take any nail polish off...I like at least one night and day where I wear no polish to let my nails breath (though I do apply it back on on Sunday night oops)!

1. Bath Time

Ahhhhh baths for me are the biggest luxury...there is something so relaxing lying in a hot bath surrounded by lovely smells that makes me feel so happy! Lush are my number one bath time provider, I typically mix and match products eg a bath melt and bubble bar so as to get mountains of bubbles but I also leave the bath coming out lovely and moisturised. Here's a look at some of my favorites...

l-r The comforter, creamy candy bath, the godmother, pop in the bath and butterball. Sadly this is a mere glimpse of all my Lush stuffs, I really need to stop buying the start using! I forgot to include the godmother in my next photo so just popped it in here...I also have a confession, I normally bring my ipod dock into the bathroom and listen to Stephen Fry read the Harry Potter Audio books...oh the shaaaaaame ha ha!

2. Body Time

After unwinding in the bath I normally give my body some tlc...I exfoliate, wash (normally twice because i'm loving my shower gel and soap just now) and do some good ol' body brushing...

This is what i've been using pretty much every Sunday...The Body Shop Dewberry Shower Gel, Clinique Sparkle Skin exfoliator and The Body Shop Body Brush...Also when I eventually drag my bum out of the bath I use Soap and Glory's The Righteous Butter...typical for a body butter this is really thick but I always use it when my skins quite wet so it melts in beautifully and doesn't leave you sticky :)

3. Hair Time

I alternate between deep conditioning my hair and clarifying it each week. Lately i've been using Lush Big Shampoo and Tresemme Deep Conditioning Mask...

I don't like using Big shampoo too often as I have coloured hair and it dramatically strips your hair of colour however it does work brilliantly as a clarifying shampoo which I use fortnightly. I also love the treseme conditioner as it makes my hair beautiful, soft and shiny though it is a tad to heavy to be used regularly, I probably use this once a week to every two weeks.

4. Face Time

As you can see, I don't really do anything different with my face routine, I just stick to Liz Earle and her wonderful cleanse and polish system. I always do a face mask (You can read my post about my favorite maks and what they do here) however, I've started removing any mask with a natural sponge, it's so easy and quick!

5. Relaxation Time

After emerging from the bathroom in a puff of lush yummy-ness I quickly jump into my favorite comfy favorites are the velour tracksuits from River Island (my grey one is my favorite!). I also don't use any heat on my hair so let it dry naturally...which means using a headband to get it off my face...

How sweet is this little headband? It's perfect though as it has those little teeth which really secure your hair, I think I got it in new look for about £3! Normally by this time i'm lounging about on my couch catching up on blog posts and watching disney cinemagic or come dine with me ;)

6. Nail Time

As I said earlier, I don't apply any polish on my nails all day untill a bit later on at night...

I have recently discovered the wonders of a nail buffer! It really does make such a difference to the longevity of your polish! Firstly I apply lemony flutter and sort my cuticles out... I then use the buffer to shape and buff my nails and reduce any ridges...I then apply a thin coat of Sally Hansen miracle base coat. These are my two favorite polishes of the moment, Metro Chic and Passion, both by OPI.

I didn't want to say too much about this as I know it freaks people out but I also do my feet at the same time, I have a ped egg which I love (but again I know it gives people the creeps) however, I've recently found this amazing foot cream...

I also like the fair trade foot lotion from lush which I use every day but this cracked heel cream from Scholl is amazing to use weekly as it really does sort out any dry skin or cracks you have on your heel! I then paint my toe nails to match my finger nails (Cannot stand mismatching nails!)

Soooo, that's how I spend my Sundays, i'm in a proper routine now and as I said it really does set you up for the week ahead and you feel all lovely and fresh on Monday morning!

Let me know any beauty routines you have...or better yet do your own version of this post, i'm always interested to learn any new tips or ways of doing things :)

Lots of Love


  1. This is a really sweet post! I love getting an insight into other people's little beauty routines! :)
    I do similar things on Sunday afternoon/evening in preparation for Monday morning. Makes you feel so much more refreshed and ready to fight the working week!

  2. This is a lovely post! I've always wanted to try Lush Big shampoo! xxx

  3. Great post, I do the same thing on a sunday its my relaxation day, with my sauna face mask & a lush bath! XO

  4. Liz Earle clense and polish!!
    every morning and every night for me! lovee it x

  5. tooo, I'm such a nosey parker ha ha

    @Cherub Cheeks...You should def try it, i'm sure lush would give you a sample, they're quite good that way!

    @Hannah...ahhh lush sundays :D

    @Lou...<3 for liz earle


  6. I love pamper days too!!!:D

    You inspire me to make a similar post on my blog. :D

    Will now follow your blog, follow mine too?:D
    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  7. @Marie...i'd love to read your post if you do one! i'll have a a peek at your blog :) x

  8. Awww what a lovely post i'm going to do this on sunday.

  9. it's great that you pamper yourself, it's good to relax like this at least once a week


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