Friday, 5 March 2010

I found some luck!!

Hello Everyone :)

Anyone who knows me understands that I am theee unluckiest person ever...However I must of stumbled on some luck (maybe it was those lucky charms I bought for Nick's birthday!) and I won the beautiful Beths Giveaway! I was so excited and squeeked rather loudly on the bus when I found out ha ha!

Here's what I won...

Beth was so generous and added in a couple extra bits, Thank you Lady!!! She sent a gorgeous pair of earrings, perfect colour for spring, No. 7 extravagant lash, Hello Kitty tin with mints, Strawberry Crush lip balm, a beautiful coin purse and a lovely make up bag! I love everything Beth thank you!!

I also thought i'd add in a little what rocks/sucks for funsies!


  • Finding lost this card one of my best friends Lynsey gave me for my 20th birthday

  • Taking a much needed break from essay to fit in some Disney Film Times

  • The Paul and Joe Alice in Wonderland Tins...I bought this today from ASOS, I have a feeling that I may live to regret it but I couldn't resist, they're too pretty!

  • Patrick Wolf...I love him and his wonderful music


  • I now have no more Jonathon Creek to watch...I really wish I wasn't such a geek ha ha

  • Tripping over Nicks stupid stuff in the hall...Nick if you see this, kindly find a new home for your hockey bag

  • The saddness of a broken nail

Have a good weekend everyone :)

Lots of Love


  1. Fab blog sweetie & i are also a geek.. we rock haha. Congratulations on the goodies, i would like to know what the strawberry crush lipbalm is like babe? xx xx

  2. broken nails are the worst!! x

  3. Well done on winning hun! Great prizes there too :)

    I bet you're so excited to get the Paul & Joe tins! They're so cute!!

  4. That's such a lovely gift!!! I especially like the coin purse. And those Alice in Wonderland tins are so precious :o)

    Breaking nails are the worst, ughhhhhh!

  5. I found an old birthday card the other day as well - such a nice find! Congrats on winning the giveaway and I'm sure you'll keep having some good luck :)


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