Wednesday, 29 December 2010

My little slice of luxury

Hey Dolls :)

I hope you all had a very lovely Christmas! Over the festive period I've been thinking that whenever I feel a little blue there are certain products that I turn to that cheer me up - they are my little slices of luxury!

1. Naturae Talco Profumato in Mughetto

My Italian isn't up to much but as far as I can tell from google, mughetto means Lilly of the valley...this is such a beautiful talc, it smells amazing, the powder feels really silky and it comes with a beautiful puff...

Personally, I think there's nothing more glamorous feeling than using a fluffy powder puff, I instantly think of beautiful 1920's starlets!

2. Sanctuary Bidadari Shimmering Body Oil

This body oil is absolutely beautiful. The packaging itself is stunning, it sparkles when it catches the light. It also smells beautiful - a mix of jasmine and ylang ylang. The oil contains almond and coconut oil as well as vitamin E which all leave my skin feeling so soft! It also leaves a lovely golden glow on the skin...

Whenever I feel a little stressed or glum this oil is an instant pick-me-up, it's also to use after a bath to lock in any moisture on the skin!

3. The White Company Candles

By far, the white company candles are my favorite, they're the strongest smelling candles I've used, including expensive ones such as Molton Brown. If there are any vampire diaries fans reading this can you guess why I bought this? It's called verveine!!!

This candle is a citrus scent with orange, lemon, sage, lemongrass and cedar wood - it's cheeriness in a candle. Other white company scents I recommend are white cashmere, white fig, flowers and pomegranate.

4. YSL Parisienne

Parisienne has recently replaced Chanel Mademoiselle as my comfort perfume. Parisienne combines violet, rose and blackberry - very different from mademoiselle but it's beautiful and sweet that I can't help but feel cheered up when I smell it!

5. YSL Lipsticks

It seems I equate YSL with luxury! The classic packaging, the beautiful colours and the silky formula of YSL lipsticks make them the perfect luxury item!

Which products do you equate with luxury and comfort?

Lots of Love


  1. I love this post! I too turn to beauty products to cheer myself up, although mine mainly consists of painting my nails, and putting on a face and hair mask.
    That talc is A-MAZ-ING, where's it from? Haha I immediately think of 20s stars using it too, in their elegant Art Deco rooms with a glass of champagne!

  2. i use my lush bath bombs and such to pamper myself! also, nothing calms me more than a great shopping spree x

  3. I love parisienne and ofcorse the ysl lipsticks! xx

  4. I just received my YSL Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils from today, and this is what I call luxury. I still have to get my hands on their lipsticks, though!

  5. G - I know this will sound odd but I find painting my nails really frustrating - it sets me on edge! I don't really know why! It was a gift though when I searched google you can buy it on ebay for around £10! And you get loads in a box!

    Heatherette - A bath is definitely on my list too! And of course shopping :D

    Abbie - We obviously have good taste :D

    Gaby - I LOVE faux cils! It's amazing!



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