Tuesday, 21 December 2010

My Favorite Body Moisturisers

Hello Dolls

As we're currently in the middle of a 'cold snap' I've been slathering on moisturiser like there's no tomorrow. I think I'm a bit of an oddball as I really dislike body butters - I've tried my hardest to like them and to an extent I do like the soap and glory righteous butter and the body shop butters. However, they're just too thick for me, I really hate having to spend ages working it into the skin and resorted to using them whilst my skin is still wet from my shower/bath which resulted in losing a lot of product. Here are my four favorite moisturisers.

1. Scottish Fine Soaps Boheme Body Lustre

This is probably one of the most luxurious products I own ranging from the beautiful packaging to the name - body lustre I think sounds rather fabulous! In the jar it looks really quite thick...

However, the cream melts into the skin so quickly, there's no stickiness or residue and my skin is left feeling so lovely and smooth. The scent is quite tricky to describe - it's quite musky but also has a hint of floral, nothing like I've really smelled before. I typically reserve this for before a night out as it's a shimmer creme...

You can see the tiny gold shimmery particles that leave a lovely glow on the skin. You can buy Scottish fine soap products here.

2. Fresh Brown Sugar Body Cream

I am in love with fresh products and it makes me really sad that they're not easily attainable in the UK. When I was in N.Y last year I bought quite a few fresh products including the brown sugar body cream. Sadly, I used it all up rather quickly so imagine my delight when my lovely friend came back from holiday last week and gave me a bag of sephora samples - in it I found this sample tube. I've fallen in love with it all over again. This body cream is about as thick in consistency as I like...

It has quite a strong lemon scent that is really fresh and doesn't have that synthetic citrus scent I hate. The cream is formulated with brown sugar and Shea butter and despite being quite thick sinks in really quickly. You can buy fresh products here.

3. Steam Cream

I find steam cream to be quite an interesting product. It gets its name from the method in which it is made - using pure, unrefined steam. Because of this steam, the product is really thin and runny...

What I love about steam cream is it's a multipurpose product, so you can use it on your hands, body and face. This is the only one out of the four I would feel comfortable using on my face. The cream infuses oatmeal, orange flower water and lavender - all good things! You can definitely smell the lavender which I love but is a scent that I find divides opinion and the scent definitely lingers on the skin. Steam cream is definitely a must if like me, you hate thick body creams! There's lots of interesting information on their website here.

4. Soap and Glory Girligo

I featured this in a recent monthly favorites post and my opinion remains the same - I love this! I use it every day in the morning after my shower and my skin feels so soft without being clogged up with a thick creme. It has a pump that dispenses a really thin mist of product over the skin which sinks in really quickly avoiding the awkward waiting-for-my-moisturiser-to-dry-dance in the morning...

I think it can be quite hard to believe something so thin can be moisturising but it really is! Girligo has the same scent as the righteous butter etc and as the day progresses I randomly get whiffs of the scent!

What are your moisturiser must haves?

Lots of Love


  1. The Steam Cream sounds really interesting. I'm not a big fan of body butters either as they tend to feel quite heavy on my skin. I'm just using boring old E45 at the moment as the cold's made my skin really sensitive as well as dry...x

  2. I loves my Body Shop coconut body butter but I couldn't use it everday. I only use it after I've shaved my legs or something. I don't really moisturisers that much, I know I should but it something that slips my mind when I go out shopping xx

  3. the 1st one looks wow
    i will try the soap and glory one next time ,, i love their stuff ,, and we have boots in dubai =D

  4. LilyLipstick - I know the weathers playing havoc with my skin!!!! You should def try steam cream - they're also small enough to put in your bag on the go!

    Abbie - I just get bored having to stand for ages working it in ha!

    Jazzy E - thanks :)

    Feef - It's a little slice of luxury! Oooo lt me know if you get it!



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