Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Review: Vichy Dermablend

Hey Dolls :)

I got asked if I could review and provide a swatch of Vichy's Dermablend after I included it in a monthly favorites post.

Lisa Eldridge's acne covering video, in which she used dermablend, has completely changed the way I think about my make up base. Previously, I would use a thick foundation over my entire face, effectively creating a mask of foundation. On reflection, this is completely unnecessary and clogged my poor skin. Now I buff dermablend into any areas that need additional coverage and over the rest of my face I apply a tinted moisturiser (either Laura Mercier or Korres) and finish with a dusting of MAC MSF Natural. I've had more compliments on my skin than I've ever had doing my base this way! Dermablend comes in a squeezy tube and you get 30 mls of product...

I much prefer this kind of packaging as it means you can get every last drop of product out. The product isn't as thick as I first expected it to be but provides amazing coverage - you literally need the smallest amount - especially if you're using the method I prefer, or else it can look quite cakey and feel quite heavy. The one drawback to dermablend is the colour range. I thought I had picked up the lightest shade opal however I think there is one shade lighter, porcelain which I've never seen in any Boots I've been in. When I bought the foundation, there were no testers and the product was boxed meaning I was buying the product blind. However, the last time I was in Boots they had finally provided testers! Opal, for me is a tad too orange toned, however as I only use a small amount of the product in small areas on my face it's not too much of a problem.
EDIT: My lovely chum Abbie pointed out the porcelain is only available in the stick foundation - sorry!!

The product lasts the entire day on my face with no need to touch up. It costs £14 for 30ml which I think is very reasonable considering how little you need to use each day. Here's how it looks - I've buffed dermablend on my chin and on my rubbish red cheeks.

I absolutely love the look of the product and I feel much better in my own skin now I'm using a lot less face products. Have you tried dermablend? Or do you want to?

Lots of Love


  1. Your skin looks amazing! I also bought this after seeing the Lisa Eldridge video. Like you say its brilliant for concealing. x

  2. thank you for this review! I'm looking for this foundation since I saw Lisa Eldridge's video too! =)

  3. clever! I've never thought to do this - will def have a wee look for it next time I'm in the big boots in town x

  4. MissMascara - I'm so very grateful Lisa introduced us all too it :D

    Aru - I definitely recommend it!!

    Ann - You should watch the video love, it's like magic! And the one in the st enoch centre has testers out :D


  5. Your skin looks amazing.
    This sounds like a great product, I hate having to cake on the concealer when my skin's playing up - this sounds like its really light and wouldn't make my skin worse. x

  6. Your skin looks fantastic! Love that blush colour too :) Looks like a pretty handy product xx

  7. Your skin looks lovely - really natural!
    The only thing that would put me off buying this is the colour range. I have really really pale skin (always palest in foundations) and from the sounds of it, there won't be a shade to suit me :(

  8. I was just about to ask you about this foundation and the colouring! I've been on boots and looked in the store and this is the lightest colour in the foundation. Your probs thinking about the concealer as it has a lighter shade, 11 porcelain.

    I'm not sure whether to get this or the concealer because of the colouring.. I think your skin is a tad darker than mine and it's probs gonna look real orange on me
    lovely review ma loveee xxx

  9. Great review! I really really want to try this but I'm too pale! :( Sad times! Your skin looks amaze <3 xo

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