Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Dolly Bow

Hey Dolls :)

One of my favorite websites to peruse on a rainy (snowy) day is dolly bow bow. I am in love with everything and instantly knew I had to buy one of the new dolly bows! I love hair accessories. Sadly for me, I've never really been able to pull off the tied scarf look due to my odd shaped head (a result of an unfortunate incident with a midwife and a pair of forceps) - they just fall out. So the Dolly Bow is the perfect solution!

Basically the dolly bow is a scarf with wire running through the middle - all you have to do is wrap the scarf round your head and twist to make a bow. It feels much more secure than a scarf and also doesn't shift or move through the day.

This has been perfect for me whilst I'm trying to train my hair -plus it makes a boring ponytail into a cute hairstyle!

As far as I know dolly bow bow is closed for Christmas so keep an eye out for it opening in the New Year!

Lots of Love


  1. So cute!
    I bought a bow like this when I was in Australia - the wire is such a good idea as it really helps the bow stay in place. x

  2. I love this on you! I bought one too but I'm still waiting on it :( damn snow! Anyway, you look lovely dear :) xo

  3. awh you look so cute! i've tried the scarf thing never stayed in place either, will have to look at this when the site is back up and running! xx

  4. I love these bows, I brought one at the "clothes show live", really nice! But think Im going to have a go at making my own.


  5. Ahh you look so cute :) Ive not even looked at the website yet, but I know already I defo want to order one of these when the site opens again! Thanks for your comment about the bloggy meet up, Im gonna see how many more people say theyre up for it and then we can get our thinking caps on :) woop! xx

  6. Haha you make me laugh! I am also a forceps baby (I really hope there is no karma in it for when we have babies!) I have never tried wearing a 'headscarf' but this sounds like a great idea with the wire. These would look lovely in the summer! xx

  7. It looks so pretty! I like the idea of wire in it because scarves never stay on my head!

  8. LilyLipstick - I hope they become more common over here!!

    Emma - oh boo, mine took quite a while to get here, hope it gets to you soon!

    Abbie - it's so annoyin a scarf wont even stay place on my stupid head with kirbys!

    Katie - Ohh I really wanted to go the clothes show live! And i was thinking that too - there's lots oftutorials online!

    Ayden - Hehe hopefully it will be back up soon!! I know american apparel sell them in town but they're double the price! And anything I can do to help just let me know :)

    Emily - forceps baby hahahahah! Hope you get one in the new year!

    Cait - I know it's a saviour to us odd heads everywhere!


  9. Aw love the headband, you look gorge xxx


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