Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Things I have been enjoying lately...ten

Hey Dolls :)

I haven't done one of these posts for a while so I'm quite excited to share some of the non-beauty things I have been enjoying lately! I'm not sure if you have seen on the news but Scotland is in total uproar just now because of the weather - basically the entire country has been shut down! One of my friends was stuck on the motorway between Edinburgh and Glasgow for 14 and a half hours last night - crazy!! I'm hoping it begins to ease off soon - it's my Christmas night out on Saturday, I really don't want it to be cancelled!

1. Festive Fun

I've began to add some festive features around Nick and I's little flat, amongst my favorite are...

Tinkerbell baubles.


Advent calenders.

As soon as I finish uni for Christmas I'm going to get twinkly light happy round the whole flat - how exciting!

2. Happy Munchy Times

Mmmmm Soup. Mmmmmm Chocolate Mousse. All I want in this weather is chocolate and soup. In that order.

3. Bye Bye Dissertation

I finally handed in my was emotional ha, I'm still feeling really anxious about it but need to try and not think about it! Because of the snow I've also had an extension for my last essay of the semester which means I've had lots of quality time with these guys...

4. Afrojack

5. Pink Cheeks

After a week or two favoring just a defined contour I have re found my love for pink cheeks. They will always be my number one.

Lots of Love


  1. Eva's hair is unbelievably amazing in this video!

  2. Congrats on getting your dissertation handed in. Love the Christmassy things in this post - I got back from Australia this morning so am trying hard to get into the Christmas spirit! x

  3. I love your Tinkerbell Baubles and Chocolate Mousse is so tasty!
    The Afrojack song is really catchy too :)


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