Saturday, 18 December 2010

Making bright lipstick less...bright

Hey Dolls :)

Can you tell I couldn't think of a snappier title ha!? My lipstick of choice lately has been YSL Rouge Pur 128, Tyrian Purple which you can read about here. It's such a beautiful, vibrant colour! Not too long ago I was trying to find a lipstick that would go with a pinky/purple eye shadow and decided to try tyrian purple. It was just a wee bit bright and purple to go with my eyeshadow so I decided to pop a little bit of 17's mirror shine in bee-hive on top...

I think they look so pretty together! What I love about the mirror shines is you have no need for a gloss - no sticky lips for me!

Are you a lipstick mixer? What are your favorite combinations?

Love Nicola


  1. I like lipstick mixing... but then its topping it up as the day goes on, its a little tedious! I do it for going out though!! :D

  2. Love it!
    My favourite combo at the moment is Macs Ravishing with Gosh Darling over the top. I cant suit Darling on its own!

  3. Hello gorgeous! Lippy looks lovely
    I always mix my lipsticks in the house but by the time i'm out of the house can't be bothered applying two xxx

  4. The YSL lipstick alone is too gorgeous!
    I just bought Beehive, thanks for the heads-up ;) xx

  5. Lovely as always babe:)

    Maybe you can post this look or your FOTD's on the new forum for everyone to see/comment on:

    P.s: Not trying to spam btw it's just a good community forum for all us beauty bloggers. xx

  6. I'm a lipstick mixer too! haha right now I've been putting mac's 'innocence beware' over 'toxic tale' (both from venomous villians) to help tone it down a bit, because I'm a bit of a scaredy cat of having REALLY bright lips :) xx

  7. Yay for lipstick mixing! Looks like a beaut combination, I'm far too jealous of how beautiful you always look :L xoxo

  8. I love a bit of lipstick mixing too! That combo looks gorgeous on you :). I always tone down bright pinks or darker colours for day time with gosh darling or something similar! xo

  9. Nikki - I know that's the only downfall, though I end up having about 57635748 lip products in my bag anyway ha!

    Mary - Ohh that sounds lovely! Darling is brilliant to use like that!

    Abbie - aw thanks sweets! Ha I know what you mean though, I'm the same!

    Curves ahead makeup - Thank you :)

    Lauren - Ohh I know it's my favourite! And bee-hive is a very wise purchase ha!

    ShoppingAddict - Thank you :) And I'll definitely go have a look just now!

    Ayden - ohh I have toxic tale though I've found I've not used it very often which I need to fix! Pairing it with innocence beware sounds lovely!

    Natalielinsay - Aww you're so lovely, thank you!!

    Emma - Yeah gosh darling is a brilliant lippie for mixing!

    Kirstyb - Thank you :)



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