Thursday, 9 December 2010

It's a make up kind of day...

Hey Dolls :)

I really haven't been wearing make up a lot this last month - especially eye shadow. However today feels like a make up kind of day.

Face - Vichy dermablend/MAC MSF Natural/The Balm Hot Mamma Blush (LOVE this)

Eyes - UDPP/NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk/UD Shadow in Creep/MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack/YSL Faux Cils

Lips - NARS Barbarella lipstick/NARS Orgasm Gloss

Peachy lips and cheeks are my absolute loves of the moment, the balm blush is one of the most beautiful I have tried, think NARS orgasm but with even more gold. Plus I got it from TK Max reduced from £19.99 to £5 - this makes me happy!

Lots of Love


  1. You look gorgeous! :D

  2. You look gorgeous - love your eye make-up. I haven't been wearing much make-up recently either as didn't really have the time/energy for it when I was travelling. It feels so strange being reunited with my make-up collection but feel inspired now to start experimenting again :) x

  3. You look stunning, this looks absolutely gorgeous!


  4. beautiful!! <3333 Have you had your hair cut or do you wear extensions? xxx

  5. I never knew tkmaxx did makeup!? awesome :) you look lovely, especially your eyes, wow! I know how you feel, I go through days, and even weeks where I dont feel like wearing much makeup! but then one day il just feel the exact opposite :) xx

  6. Gorgeous!!! I think I need that blush in my life! *Heads to TK Maxx* I love peachy cheeks and lips too. Really warms up my complexion xxx

  7. Stunning Thanks for the post I am lusting over the mascara now you have perfect skin!!!Just want to extend you the invite of a fabulous Christmas giveaway for a Marc by Marc Jacobs Handbag enter @


  8. You look lovely, your lipgloss is gorgeous! x

  9. Shopperita - Thank you so much!

    Lilylipstick - I think when you're in the sun you definitely don't need to wear as much either! Have fun getting reaquainted!

    Georgie - Aww thank you :)

    Onna - Yep I wear extensions sweets, though lately I haven't been wearing them as much!

    Ayden - you need to get your bum to the new tk max on argyle st! See upstairs there's loads of amazing stuff, the balm, ysl, stila, chanel, elizabeth arden AMAZING!

    Kim - I just wish I hadn't realised my love of peach in winter!

    Fashionforwardjournal - Thank you so much!

    Caz - I absolutely love this gloss, though I think it's on it's last legs :(


  10. Gorgeous makeup, girl! Looks great :}

  11. You look absolutely gorgeous :) I'm so jealous because I never find any good makeup at TJ Maxx :-/ On a side note, I'm in love with your eye color!

  12. You look extremely beautiful, honey!
    Greetings from a new follower from Spain!

  13. simple and lovely ,, i like it allot

  14. you look gorg! I really like the lip combo


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