Sunday, 5 December 2010

Training My Hair

Hey Dolls :)

I'm the first to admit I have rather greasy hair - attractive I know. I wash my hair daily and more and more people are telling me that's the reason why my hair gets oily so quickly. To be honest, I think I just have naturally oily hair. However, if there's anything I can do to help I'm going to try it. So today marks the first day of me training my hair. Basically all this means is that I can only wash my hair every three days for the next two to three weeks (I've just Align Centrepurchased a rather fetching pink sparkly shower cap as I don't think I could cope without my daily shower).

This prospect is currently striking fear into my heart - I am completely paranoid about people thinking I'm anti-shower. Plus I absolutely HATE the feeling of greasy hair - to me I equate this with feeling unclean. I have come to the conclusion that the key to this is timing, so the days I have to look acceptable in public (like my work Christmas night out) will be on hair wash day, the second day (which I will combat with batiste) for not so busy days and the third day for days in my jammies where a scraped back bun will be my best friend...

The bun is the second reason as to why I'm approaching this whole routine with apprehension, I do not suit have no hair around my face. I definitely would not make an attractive bald person. The third bun day is definitely reserved for house days only - I may also nip to Tesco but that's about it ha!

I really hope this works, I don't want to keep stripping my hair of it's natural oils, I also don't want to have to keep blow drying and straightening my hair every day. These next three weeks is going to be horrid but hopefully it will all be worth it! I'd love to know if either you or anyone you know has successfully trained there hair?

Lots of Love


  1. Im pretty lucky with my hair, it doesnt go greasy that quickly, this may sound disgusting but i can go about 5 days without washing it, i try not washing it all the time either as i dont want to use heat on it all the time ... but i think Dry shampoo is a girls best friend ...along with diamonds that is!


  2. Oh my! I recognize myself words by words in your description. I have the same issue with my hair and everytime I try to let them dirty for a day, my whole self feels dirty as well haha!
    I'm gonna try the hair bun. But question can I "Baptiste" my hair in the morning on the "greasy" day or is that like washing them???
    Good luck lovely :) xoxo

  3. you have the perfect ballet bun love!! :P x

  4. EVERYTHING you just said there is exactly the same as me! It's rubbish :( I was just talking to my hairdresser about this yesterday actually.... one said I should try and train it like you are doing, and the other one said it could just be my hair type so who knows, but I plan to try and train it. Keep us posted on how it goes! xx

  5. I did the same thing you do some years ago! Uhm... I have greasy hair too and used to wash it very single day. It only made it greasier. Now I wash it two times a week and hold it in pony tails when it;s to bleurgh to let loose. I also think it's a lot better this way. First of all, my hair doesn't fall that much anymore. You will get used to the weird sensation of yucky hair. Good luck though!

  6. My hair's the same, I used to wash it every day and everyone told me off! I stopped washing it every day when I had to be in work for 8am... the Batiste came out, which seemed to do the job, but I still feel horrible if I don't wash it. I tend to not wash it if I'm staying in the house in an attempt to train my hair!

  7. This will be interesting to read up on! My hair also gets greasy really quick and I think its even more obvious in blonde hair! I wash my hair every day (except for those days where I over sleep and feel gros all day) I might take a leaf out of your book and try it every other day. I've just had a new style cut in so hopefully can get away with a pony tail! xx

  8. i'm loving the bun! i trained my hair months ago, and those few days of utter grease sure do pay off! xo

  9. I think I need to do this. I wash my hair everyday and it starts to get greasey by the end of the night and it feels gross.. I thought everyone washes there hair everyday because my Mum does to but lots of my friends go a few days without washing their hair! Apprently it upsets the pH balance of your hair or something washing it everyday.

    I'll see how you do and then maybe try it for the new year! As a news years resolution haha
    Good luck love xxxx

  10. my hair is EXACTLY the same so keep us up to date on how this goes, my problem is definately thinking greasy hair means unclean so if it works for you i will have to try too


    ps Lavera Lmeonmilk is a fab shampoo for the greasies which helped me xx

  11. I have a chronic health condition that means I'm often too poorly to wash my hair more than once every 3-5 days (and often my mum does it over the shower which never quite works as well as when I'm able to do it!) and my hair definitely gets less greasy now than it used to when I washed it every/every other day. Batiste is good, as are thick headbands to keep it away from your face which makes it easier to bear! x

  12. I have the same problem!! I would wash my hair every day and I can never go more than a day without being an utter greaseball! I am gradually trying to train my hair though by doing it every other day and if I have a third day that is off work (like today) I also dont wash it! Feels so gross though... :( Let me know how this works out for you!! xxxx

  13. Thanks for all your comments my loves!!!

    Marilou - I wasn't too sure about that either, but my friend who is a hairdresser said it's ok to use dry shampoo, fingers crossed!!

    I'm so glad that this has worked for some of you - today is my first third day (if that makes sense ha) and it feels horrible! Literally haven't left the house once!!! I'll definitely do a follow up iin the new year :D



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