Sunday, 18 July 2010

My Sunday...

Hello Loves :)

This Sunday I am rocking...

My new hair cut...that I hate! Where did all my hair go? I want my boob length hair back!

MAC Pink Nouveau

Sephora by OPI Metro Chic

Black and White Stripes + Alexander McQueen

Super Mario Galaxy 2

Have a good Sunday beautys!

Lots of Love


  1. aw I agree - your hair looks fab! all thick and lovely :) - can I be dead cheeky and ask if you've naturally black hair? It always looks so shiny! x
    last chance to enter my 'sharing the love' scottish fashion awards giveaway with boohoo and Swarovski today :)

  2. What are you talking about love your hair that length, it really suits you!! Just like that lipstick does.. Beeeeeautiful! xx

  3. I have given you an award on my blog :)


  4. Your hair looks stunning :) and I'm loving the lippie.

  5. Charlotte - Aww thank you! And thank you for the award lovely!!

    Anne - Aww thanks though i've been considering a weave I miss long hair ha! Colour is fake (as is everything with me hahaha) it's a l'oreal colour, i'm sure I have a review somewhere, though my hair naturally isn't far off being near black though it has a reddish tint :)

    Abbie - Love I hate it, it's been cut to such an awkward length where it splays off my shoulders, I only asked for a trim! Thanking you ;)

    Charlotte - Thank you so much sweets


  6. You look lovely! I really like the new haircut and Pink Nouveau is just so bright and lovely. And yay for Mario! I've bought it but am not allowing myself to play it until i've completed number 1, which may be a while :/

  7. darling i LOVE the hair! it looks fab! but I know how you feel, I recently cut my hair and was like OMG I HATE SHORT HAIR so I got extensions lol.
    the lipstick looks great; perfect for summer and i die for that polish! I have one similar to it and i love it!
    and seriously, i am SO JEALOUS of you for having Super Mario Galaxy! i am OBSESSED with Mario Bros!
    enjoy my dear!


  8. your hair cut looks pretty love! i always hate when i cut my hair too though! :x

    everytime i go into sephora i want that polish... i may just have to buy it finally lol!

  9. heyy ,, cute blog ,, am new follower

    MAC Pink Nouveau ,, is my FAV lipstick of all time =D


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