Tuesday, 27 July 2010

I love/hate you Dust It

Hello beauties!

Today I had a bit of a disaster with the ol' dust it, I wasn't really paying attention to what I was doing and put far too much into my fringe = candy floss. In a desperate attempt to maintain control I started twisting and randomly pinned it to the side of my head in loop type affair...

I really quite like it! I love the fact that, being honest, it's a bit messy and thrown together - I'm not really a fan of perfect hair, I like a bit of scruff!

I am also wearing one of my long lost lipsticks - Maybelline colour sensational in 535 Ruby Star. This is such a pretty red, it's really glossy and long lasting, I'm glad we found one another again! Also, I'm not wearing any liquid foundation, DUM DUM DUUUUUUM! For the next week I'm going to only try and wear concealer and powder and see how much better my skin feels - it's a beauty experiment!

Lastly, I received my beautiful jewellery I ordered from Love Suzie - you might have already spotted the Alice in Wonderland necklace, here's a closer look...

I love it so so much! I also ordered a really sweet pair of pinky/peach rose studs...

I honestly recommend having a look at the website, there are so many beautiful pieces, I think I might get the 'we're all mad here' necklace next - I love the mad hatter! The link to Love Suzie is here and also their twitter here - they quite often hold giveaways or discount codes through their twitter - plus they are rather lovely to chat to :)

Lots of Love


  1. gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous, what did u use to curl your hair?

    seriously give your skin a break from mac face makeup and see if it improves, i bet it does! x

  2. Karleigh - Thanks love! I curled my extensions with huge toni and guy tongs but that was a couple days ago and left them to fall out and I curled my own hair with my conical wand as it's too short to use the same tongs :) I haven't used any mac face prods for two weeks, this week i'm only using my clinique powder and a cheapy concealer :D

    ShoppingAddict - Thank yoou :)


  3. I love the hair - that looks so pretty :) x

  4. Oh my goodness that necklace is gorgeous!! xo

  5. I would never think to do that with my hair, but it looks AMAZING! I'm going to have to try it myself now :) doubt it will work out as well for me though lol. & I adore your style it's so different and unique yet girly and adorable!

  6. LilyLipstick - Thank you so much!

    Beauty H2T - Ohh thanks for the recommendation, I'll definitely have a look :)

    Emma - I know! I keep looking at it in the mirror

    Caitlin - Ha to be honest the only reason it stayed like that is because of all the dust it - my hairs too fine normally! And thank you so much, that made me smile!


  7. Oh thats really cute, your hair looks gorgeous bdw :) xox

  8. You look so great! I love the hair and that red lipstick is just lovely :)

  9. you look stunning here sweetie! LOVE LOVE LOVE the necklace :)


  10. wow you look stunning mrs & that necklace is LUSH :)


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