Saturday, 10 July 2010

MAC Hang Loose

Hey Dolls :)

After swearing I wasn't going to purchase anything from In The Groove I was casually killing time in town and 'happened' to wander into MAC. The one thing that really jumped out at me was Hang Loose...and so I gave in...

I'm in love with purples/lilacs so why not add a blush? Hang Loose is a really pretty, cool toned blush. It's really subtle, in the photo below I put on a tad too much so you could see the proper colour when mixed together...

Excuse the face I've been at work all day!

As you can see the lilac side has a silvery shimmer to it which honestly is a lot more subtle when not packed on as I have here. After playing about with the colours it definitely looks nicest when mixed together...I'll do a proper FOTD soon to show how lovely it is at creating pretty, glowy cheeks.

I ♥ Blush!

Lots of Love


  1. "I put on a tad too much so you could see the proper colour..." Yeah yeah! You can never have too much blush. From one blush lover to another. I heart this.

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  3. Bicky - I concur :D

    Emily - Paaah ha Busted!

    Tiffany - Aww thank you! I hate my stupid baby fringe :/


  4. So pretty! Looks lovely on you hun! xxx

  5. I got this too... LOVE IT! Taking it with me on holiday, works lovely as e/s too! x

  6. Oooh i think it looks great with your skintone!

  7. Jennie - Thank you sweets!

    May - aww thanks, I wasn't too sure how the silver shimmer would go!

    Karleigh - Ooh shall try it out as shadow, thanks love!

    Milly - It's definitely my favorite of the moment :)

    Lillian - Thank you so much!


  8. Look's great on you, very pretty.

    Rachelle Xxx


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