Thursday, 1 July 2010

A little bit about me...

Hey Dolls :)

One of my favorite things is finding a new blog and reading it from beginning to end. What I've noticed lately is that many of my favorite bloggers have written a post telling everyone about themselves and I realised I've never done that. I love blogs that are personal, where you feel like you know the blogger and so I thought I'd compose a little spiel about me! Also, I often casually drop things into my posts without explaining them properly eg people's/place names so hopefully this will help!

My name's Nicola though barely anyone calls me that in my real life, it's normally Nic or Carr, this is me...

I study english literature at Glasgow University and have absoloutely no idea what I want to do when I grow up. I have a very lovely but very silly boyfriend called Nicholas who at times is probably the most irritating boy I have met in my life. However I love him very much as he accepts my irrational love for Twilight and my ever expanding make up collection...

The other loves in my life are my beautiful friends. We like cocktails, food, sunny park days, talking about boys, big hair, kareoke, fatbooth, Edward Cullen, The Horseshoe and Topshop.

I like Disney, pink cheeks, happy faces and Nintendo. I dislike bad manners and foundation lines.

My hair is mostly fake. As is my tan.
I cry lots.
I laugh lots.
I like listening to soulful ladies such as Candi Staton, Chaka Khan and Aretha Franklin.

I love all my beautiful make up geeks

If you haven't already come and say hello!
If you have twitter lets have a chat here

Lots of Love


  1. I had no idea you went to Glasgow Uni,

    That is where I went ( how sad it is went now, left 2 years ago!) but still live here, I have no doubt see n you in the Horse Show- bar of dreams I might add :)

    Lovely to meet you,


  2. B - Yep I'm in my last year now! What did you study lovely? That would be so funny if we had been in the horseshoe at the same time, love it! Cheap wine, hilarious people and amazing kareoke :D xxx

  3. Aw what a cute post! I want FatBooth in my life, I don't know what it is but it sounds hilarious! xxx

  4. May - ahh ha ha it's an iphone app you basically take a photo of yourself and then it gives you a double chin - there's a fatbooth photo of me in the collage, i'm trying to use it as motivation for my diet however it doesn't seem to really be working as I just polished off a cinammon bagel :D xx

  5. I love this post :) So cute :D hah I wish I had an iPhone to use FatBooth! xxx

  6. I think you have the cutest blog!!

  7. Fern - ha ha me too! It was my friends iphone I was playing with - still got about 6 months on my old contract boo!

    I bleed pink - thank you so much!


  8. I absolutely love studying English!!! I think I'm going to go into journalism - such a cute post hun :) x

  9. Onna - Thank you :) I love English it's just i'm pretty much going to have a degree that gets me nowhere ha! Journalism was something I had toyed with but I just don't know - good luck lady!

  10. Such a cute post :) I got an iphone last week - I want FatBooth so much! x

  11. I love reading these posts! You're so charming :)

  12. oooh I do love this. My blog is dormant at the moment but you are one of the handful I always take the time to read any new posts. And fake or not your hair is always so lovely :)


  13. LilyLipstick - Ha ha I think it's only 59p and honestly is hours of fun ahahaha

    Lillian - Thank you so much :D

    streetlighteyes - honestly that means so much, thank you :D


  14. I frequent the Horseshoe with my worky chums!! My friend Nic is an amazing singer & has won lots of kareoke comps!!! It has to be the best place in Glasgow for a nite out, swally & a sing song!!!

    Might cu there sometime!!
    Luv xXx


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