Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Pink Opal and Sue Moxley

Hey Dolls :)

After writing my October favorites a couple of people asked to see pink opal used as a highlight on the face. I've used it today though as I'm going to work I've used it a bit lighter than I would on a night out...

So as you can see it leaves a really nice sheen to the skin - as I said in my october favorites the more you use, the more apparent the pink duochrome becomes. I also said that I would show what the Sue Moxley shadows I blogged about here looked like on.

Face - Revlon Photo Ready/MAC MSF Natural/MAC Well Dressed/MAC Pink Opal
Eyes- Two Faced Shadow Insurance/Sue Moxley shadows shades 12 and 14/MAC Pink Opal/Benefits Bad Gal Liner/17 Wild Curls
Lips - MAC Snob/MAC Sugarimmed Dazzleglass

I am still in love with these shadows, they're so soft and blendable and the colours are so much more complex than they first look in the pan. I really do urge you to go into superdrug and swatch some of the colours - they're beautiful!

Lots of Love


  1. That shade of purple really makes your eyes pop.

  2. Very pretty & girly
    Love pinks & purples :)

  3. youre so pretty, your skin is flawless too =)

  4. Beautiful! Purple eye shadows suit you so well x

  5. You look gorgeous, as usual :) I hadn't heard much about pink opal but it looks beautiful as a highlight! I love snob on you too. xx

  6. Rhamnousia - Thank you! I love purple!

    Steph - Thank you my love! Purples are my favorite!

    Imo - Aww thank you!!!

    Abbie - Ahhh thank you sweets!

    Tiffany - I know I was actually thinking that the other day which is a shame because it's so pretty! And thank you!!


  7. wit woooo as always :) loving your eye make up huni ... i wish i could pull that off on a daily basis!


  8. Stacey - Thanks babe! Bet you could!!! xx

  9. you look gorgeous in these photos!


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