Sunday, 7 November 2010

I Love Volume!

Hey Dolls :)

If you've read my blog for a while you will know that I love big, volumised hair. I seem to be on a constant quest to find the perfect volume-giving hair routine and I feel I have finally found it...

I've started from the very beginning - I normally let my hair air dry partially first.

I then use a thickening spray in my hair - my spray of choice is Samy's Fat Hair '0' calories thickening spray.

I also think it's quite important to think about the parting of your hair - I use a rat tailed comb to section my hair - I'm not sure how to explain it clearly...I section my fringe and then the rest of my shorter layers around the crown of my hair I flip back - you can see what I mean a little in the photo above. A rat tail comb and a round boar bristle brush are my best friends - boar bristle brushes are honestly brilliant - they backcomb, smooth and helps add loads of volume when blowdrying hair...

When blowdrying, I section my hair and use a boar bristle brush to add volume at the roots. I position the brush under my hair at the root and brush up and out whilst moving the dryer down the section of hair. To be honest, I find blowdrying really boring however I feel it's vital to getting lots of volume around the roots and crown of my hair. I've seen lots of people recommend drying your hair upside down, however if I do this my hair turns into frizz city plus you lose out on lots of shine as you're drying against the hair shaft rather than down.

After sectioning all of my hair and drying it like above, I am left with a true mushroom do!

I quickly then run over my hair with my straighteners - again similarly to the way in which I dry my hair - I always pull the iron up, out and down to keep the volume in the root and crown. Today I've also popped my extensions in.

I have fallen in love with velcro rollers! These are from Trevor Sorbie and are the biggest I've seen in boots/superdrug.

I position the rollers around the crown of my head adjusting the size of the roller according to the length of my layer. I blast the rollers for a couple of seconds with my hair dryer and let them cool. The length of time I leave them in depends on how much of a rush I'm in. It's best to try and leave them in for as long as possible!

Normally I take this time to have a dance break to an amazing tune such as...

The last step is to use a finishing spray/product. My two favorites are Schwarzkopf's Dust It and Umberto Giannini's Backcomb in a Bottle. Today I used backcomb in a bottle which I absolutely love!

I do apologise that this was a bit of a beast but for someone who is quite rubbish at doing hair I get quite a few questions and comments about how I do mine! Hope this helped!

Love Nic


  1. Your hair is so lovely Miss Carr! It looks so shiny and smooth.
    Recently I just can't be bothered to do anything with my hair day to day, I just blast it with the hair dryer and I'm done. Maybe I should start.. my mother used to be a hair dresser so she always told me to blow dry my hair like you do.. so maybe I should stop being lazy haha :P

    Btw, love your lippy & blush.. what is it?


  2. Love this, your hair always look gorgeous and lovely. I am always on the hunt how to get volumised hair. Because I have such frizzy hair, I always have to straighten it & thats where it seems to go flat with the straightening, but I will def give this ago.
    looking gorgeous my love xxx

  3. Love this. Love your blog. Love your face. :)

    Not so keen on dust it, always looks like i'm sprinkling fag ash in my hair..then its too sticky..and smells haha..maybe I got a bad batch! Definitely got to go buy backcomb in a bottle though! xx

  4. great post! i love the look of big hair but mine fails to be anything other than flat, i'll have to try out some of your tips :) that backcomb in a bottle stuff sounds awesome.

  5. looooved this post lady ... esp your dance break, whoop!!

    will need to investigate the backcomb in a bottle stuff - swear you're bad for my bank account! ;)

    a x

  6. Thanks for sharing :)
    Yay for dance breaks :D :D xx

  7. Thank you so much for posting this! I am clueless when it comes to getting volume in my hair. I'm hotfooting it down to Boots this week to buy rollers and a decent brush and tonnes of products :D xxx

  8. I need this backcomb in a bottle! It looks like a magical product! Your hair is so pretty and shiny! I hate being blonde sometimes! xx

  9. Yessss thank you for this :) xxx

  10. Wow this routine totally works for you! Thanks a lot for sharing! Now I really have to try using velcro rollers =D

  11. I'm pretty sure you have the best hair ever!

  12. ur so cute ,, love ur hair ,,
    and great tutorial/post ,,
    i need less volume ! hair goes sooooo wild and crazy lol

  13. Your hair is so nice =] i love big hair! i really want to try backcomb in a bottle.

  14. Abbie - Yeah stop being LAZY Abbie and start drying your hair properly ha! And I know I've already told you but in case anyone else is wondering i'm wearing mac snob and one of the new accessorize blushes!

    Steph - I have really curly hair but always straighten away all it's natural volume which I suppose is a bit silly! Thanks honey!

    Laurenrhiannon - Awww thank you :DD I think Dust it is a love it/hate it product - though I've never had a pot that has a scent!!

    Chloe - Thank you!

    Caroline - Definitely try backcomb in a bottle!! It's a little less volumising than dust it or other mattifying powders but it's really good!

    Ann - Thank you lovely! Paaah haaa Blogging was the worst thing to happen to my bank account EVER!

    Hannah - I always need a wee dance break in the morning now that mr motivator isn't on the telly anymore ha!

    Kim - Hope you manage to track everything down sweets! Definitely get some velcro rollers and a wide round brush!

    Jennie - But your hair is a beautiful colour Jennie don't change it! And oui oui it is!!!

    Shabna - You're welcome :D

    Gaby - I definitely think the rollers are key plus they make your layers feel so bouncy!

    Cait - Awww thank you pretty ladyy!

    Feef - Ha fancy passing some volume my way ;)

    Chloe Mia - Aww thank you!!


  15. love this and I love volume <3 x


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