Sunday, 14 November 2010

My favorite three... M.A.C

Hey Dolls :)

I found this bloomin' hard as I would say the majority of my favorite products comprise of M.A.C. I had originally narrowed it down to five products but was ruthless and stuck to the three product rule!

Pearl Cream Colour Base

I am in absolute love with pearl. Highlighting products make me happy and pearl is definitely one of the prettiest around. MAC's cream colour bases are multi use products - you can use them on the eyes, face and lips (however, not all of the colours are suitable for all parts of the face but you get a handy leaflet explaining all of this). Pearl is amazing on the eyes to be used to amplify eye shadow colours however I would always use another eye shadow base first as it does crease a little. However, my favorite use for pearl is as a highlight.

It's a really sheer product without any hint of sparkle of glitter - it just reflects the light in a really pretty way. It's perfect as an everyday highlight and in particular on days where I'm not wearing a lot of make up. One thing I love is that it doesn't drag at other products on my face because of the way it melts onto the skin.

Club Eyeshadow

I've posted about this lots but club is my number one mac shadow - the green/red/brown duochrome looks so beautiful together and is a quick and effortless eye. I definitely recommend using it under a dark base so as to get the most effect out of the duochrome. You can read more here.

Well Dressed Blush

Well Dressed is my most used blush of all time I think - it's one I don't really need to think about as it seems to go with everything. It's a cool toned pink with a subtle silvery shimmer running through.

It's quite buildable so you can go from a lovely light flush to bright dolly pink cheeks easily. It's an absolute staple of mine!

I think I'm going to do a separate lipstick post soon as I didn't include any here - I just couldn't pick a favorite! Next on my favorite three is Illamasqua...also let me know if you have any other brands you want me to feature!

Lots of Love


  1. wow!!! they all look great!!! well i don't own any MAC yet...m just a student....well i'll one day...;) nice post! can you do a foundation,base...concealor...whatever you use tutorial?? i mean how to get that flawless look...?

  2. ahh you picked three of my favourite products too! Love all of these - great choices :) especially well dressed blush. One of the first MAC products I got and I'm still loving it to this day :D xx

  3. i have a ccb in fabulush hehe, not allowed to use it on the eyes:) pearl looks really nice! i've been looking for a liquid/cream based highlighter, powder ones don't suit me:/

  4. I adore well dressed too! It's the only blush I would live off if I had too :) Have to try the cream colour base now!

  5. They all look lovely, especially well dressed! I don't own any MAC. I'm a bad beauty blogger ha xx

  6. I love club! Its fabulous, and you're so right to wear it over a dark base. Mines one of the most used in my palette :)

    Lil xx

  7. great post. i love the sound of the pearl cream colour base! x

  8. The Pearl Base is one of my favs too I love it <3.

  9. Mita - Yep of course I can, I chop and change my foundation routine quite a lot but I'll definitely do it soon :)

    Hannah - Ha it was one of mine too! I think it's the blush of all time!

    Irene - I really want to try a few more as this is the only one I have! You should have a look at pearl next time you're instore!

    Shifa - I'm exactly the same - I never seem to get bored of it!

    Jennie - No you're not! MAC isn't the be all and end all like lots of people think! I think illamasqua is equal to mac in my eyes :D

    Lilyribbons - Mine is a little bashed now as my silly bf dropped my palette! But yep it's amazing!

    Alexandra - It's honestly so lovely!

    Clairabelle - Aw yay!


  10. ooh that eyeshadow looks perfect.. may need to indulge in Mac for the second time this month!

  11. I love these posts of your favorites from different brands! I don't own Pearl CCB but I've swatched it in-store plenty of times and it looks gorge!

  12. Great idea for a post! Thanks for sharing your faves. :)

  13. I definitely have to BUY PEARL CREAM COLOUR BASE
    Everyone says it so good..I need it (lol)

    Great blog...So cool!!

    Check out my blog if you like, would mean alot....


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