Friday, 19 November 2010


Hey Dolls :)

I quickly wanted to share with you all what I'm wearing today. For the last couple of weeks my beautiful friends and I have been chained to our computers doing our dissertations and so today we decided to take the day off - go into town for lunch and then go to the Imax to see Harry Potter...

Black Dress - Topshop
Shrug (is a shrug a bit 90s? What would you call this?) - New Look
Tights - Primark
Wedges - New Look
Necklace - Love Suzie

I am in love with this floaty top from new look - I love anything with shoulder detail. However, I do fear that I am beginning to look like a permanant member of The Adams Family - I need some colour!!

Lots of Love


  1. You look absolutely stunning Nicola!

    Seriously i love everything about the outfit! The wedges, the dress so so gorgeous!

    Please can we have more OOTD's? I love them!

    Beautiful! Have a good day sweetheart, you deserve it!


  2. OMG I love this outfit, you look amazing!! Black is my 'Go-To' colour :) x

  3. Nic stop being so pretty would 'ya! Gorgeous outfit :) xxx

  4. You look lovely! I love the shoulder detailing - your makeup is really nice too :) xx

  5. Hello skinny-ma-link!! Someones lost lots of weight haha.. You look really amazing Nic!!
    I really want those wedges from Newlook I was wondering whether to get them the other day xxx

  6. Nic you look beeeaaautiful ♥ xoxo

  7. To copy everyone else, can't think of another word..BEAUTIFUL :) x

  8. you look amazing i love that dress fab outfit!

  9. The only other alternative is to call it a bolero.. and that always reminds of ice skating so shrug it is! ;)

  10. aww you look lovely :)
    i gave you a blog award btw.

  11. sinead - Ohhh thank you so much sweets!! I will try, I just normally look like a total scruff normally haha!!!

    Onna - Thanks hunny - I feel so comfy in black but it's come to a point where people are actually commenting in shock when I wear anything that isn't black ha!

    Fern - ha ha thanks lady!

    Rachel - I'm a total sucker for anything with embellished shoulders!

    Abbie - Aw thanks love - I was trying so hard doing water aerobics and gizzi erskines diet but it's gone to total shit the last couple of weeks ha!! I honestly think you should - they're only £19 and are really comfy - though me trying to walk down a hill was tragic, I couldn't stop walking hahahahah

    Jennie - Aw thanks my love!!!

    Laurenrhiannon - <3

    Glam n Girly - The dress is an amazing staple that you can dress up or down as you wish!

    Persephone - Ohhh a bolero I didn't think of that!! A shrug always reminds me of the 90s stretchy jersey materal long sleeved ones!!

    Cotton - Ohh thank you - I'll go have a peek just now!!!


  12. OMG stupid blogger unfollowed me from your blog ... i was like errr Nicola hasn't posted in a while ... when i look im not even followin :( booo!

    Anyway you look GORGEOUS sweetie pie ... your hair looks fab!

  13. Ah you look gorgeous girly! I quite enjoy the all black look, it's so classic - Not Adams Family style at all :). xo


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