Wednesday, 10 November 2010

YSL Faux Cils Mascara

Hey Dolls :)

As mascaras go I'm not typically one to buy high end products. However, when I was at the YSL counter curiosity took over about Faux Cils. To be honest I'm not quite sure why as all I ever hear is people complaining about how quickly the tube dries out despite how it makes their lashes look. My suspicions were confirmed further when the MA gave me instructions on how to open and close the tube...

This included the exact speed with which to twist the top open and to always ensure the YSL sign above was aligned. I suppose this will be more of a first impressions post rather than a full review and I'll do an updated post reviewing how long the mascara actually lasts (the SA said roughly about 9-10 weeks).

First impression wise the packaging is absolutely beautiful. Just like all YSL packaging it's glamorous and classic. The mascara is also scented, something I hadn't really experienced before. It's quite floral and fresh and I could actually smell it through the day. The formula is quite wet which I like and the brush is bristled (I hate plastic wands) and is quite big - but not big enough that it's hard to use.

As to how it looks - it's incredibly lengthening and volumising however it is really quite easy to go overboard - hello clump city.

As you can see when it comes to the second coat of mascara it begins to clump however it's nothing a lash comb can't fix! Overall I really do like this mascara though I'm just not sure whether it warrants the price tag! Are you happy with drugstore mascaras or are you a high end fan?

Lots of Love


  1. This has been on my wishlist for a while. I keep trying others but nothing compares to this in my opinion x

  2. I was thinking of trying a YSl mascara after reading lots of blogs raving about it but get pout off by the price tag!! your lashes look fab though.

  3. When i used this i had a real issue with it smudging, have you noticed that at all? xx

  4. My aunt has this and I tried it, didn't really see the fuss about it but maybe hers was a bit old and she hadn't cared for it like you're meant to.

    I really want to try it but if it starts to fail within two months then no thank you. I keep my mascaras until they smell off or stop performing.

    I tend to stick to high street ones as I have finally found ones that do what I want. Actually, I lie, I want to try the Lancome Hypnose because other bloggers have said only good things about it.

  5. i have ALWAYS wanted a YSL mascara, but never got round to trying one as i was unsure of whether it would be worth the money. christmas list, i'm thinking! :P x

  6. I used to love this, is was my ultimate mascara BUT I noticed if I was having a night out it used to crumble away =0/ and by the end of the night I'ld have barely any mascara left on lol
    And it dries up sooo quick x

  7. Nicoletta - There's a few others I want to try but I do really like this!

    Happy1234 - I know it is a little pricey!!!! It's annoying you can't buy miniatures eh?

    Tabitha Sheridan - I've not had a problem with it smudging - it can get a little bit flakey after a full day of wear though!

    Rhamnousia - I think that's the point, should a mascara have special care instructions? I don't know if I can be arsed to be honest! Which is annoying as I love the formula! Ohhh I want to try hypnose too!! And MUFE Smokey Lash!

    Communicatingbeauty - I think it would be a brilliant gift to recieve!! I still can't decide whether I would personally repurchase but it is still early days!

    Karleigh - awww man :( It's a little flakey on me come the end of the day!! Booo I feel like I like the way it looks but is a bit of a waste of money if it only lasts 10 weeks!


  8. I'm so jealous of your long lashes! It seems like a really nice mascara but if you ask me, it's kind of high-maintenance if there are specific instructions on how to open and close the tube :-/ I'm a fan of Cover Girl Lash Blast mascara...and I've tried but never purchased a full-sized high-end mascara before! xx

  9. it is ever so pricey! it does do a good job with lengthening though...cant say i could bring myself to spend that much! xx

  10. I am STILL on the search for the perfect mascara. the 'one' :( xx

  11. ooh it makes your lashes look fab! Great review!

  12. wooow this looks awesome ,,
    i think i need it <3 hehe


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