Friday, 12 November 2010

My favorite three...Benefit

Hey Dolls :)

This is the first post of a new series I've been thinking about where I pick my three favorite products from different make up brands and talk about why they're firm favorites! I'm starting with Benefit as to be honest I probably don't talk about benefit very much on my blog. Benefit was the brand that caused me to move from drugstore into higher end make up. However, as time has went on and I experiment and try more and more products I continuously realise that Benefit is just a wee bit overpriced. In a conversation in work about blushes my lovely work chums didn't believe me that a benefit blush was more expensive than a MAC or Illamasqua one. I'm definitely not Benefit bashing but I just wish they would adjust some of their prices in line with the quality/performance. Saying that, I absolutely love lots of their products, here are my top three...

One Hot Minute

One hot minute is a beautiful rose gold powder. I use it during the day as a really pretty highlight and have often used it on a night out as an all over face powder. Even when used all over the face it doesn't make you sparkly or shiny - just lovely and glow-y. It's quite a subtle rose-gold, if you're quite pale you could even use it as a light bronzer.

One hot minute is packaged in a rose gold tin and as with all benefit products looks really pretty and kitsch. You also get this little fan brush which being honest I haven't used but probably would be quite good to distribute a really feathered dusting of powder. It's also lightly scented which I really like.

Liquid Illuminators

There's been a lot more written about high beam over moon beam which is a shame as moon beam is stunning! Firstly, high beam is a satin pink highlighter which is perfect for using on the cheekbones, bridge of my nose and cupids bow. It adds a lovely fresh look to my make up. However, I think it's quite a difficult product to get right - as it's a liquid it can't be used on top of powder or it will go streaky. I always use a duo fibre brush to apply high beam and stipple it on - I hate streaky cheeks!

I love moon beam even more than high beam. Moon beam is a goldy apricot illuminator. It's quite hard to catch the multifaceted glow in a photo but can you see the milky, slightly pinky/purple?

I use moon beam mixed with my foundation and always get compliments on my skin. It instantly lifts and brightens my face without being loaded with shimmer and glitter. If you don't like a completely matte base I definitely would recommend incorporating moon beam into your face routine!

Bad Gal Pencil

When bad gal was released this year as part of the glamour promotion I was shocked at how many people disliked bad gal - it's always been one of my favorite pencils. Maybe that's nostalgia talking as it was the first item of 'high end' make up I ever bought. Also I love the smudged liner look, I don't really like everything looking too perfect which bad gal is perfect for as it stays put. Saying that, on me bad gal stays where I put it without having to set it with powder. If you like soft, smudgey pencils, bad gal is definitely for you!

Are there any particular brands you would like me to focus on? Also what are your benefit favorites?

Lots of Love


  1. I'm not a Benefit fan, I'd rather buy MAC or Urban Decay for the price.
    I do have high beam and all the pencils that came free with the Glamour mag and my favourite has to be the eye brightener (Forgoten what its called) I use it the most on my bottom water line.

    Do an Illamasqua favourite 3 :D I like this 'series' haha xx

  2. I like Moon Beam and High Beam too. I have yet to try One Hot Minute, thanks for the review.:D

    I do agree about their prices, sometimes I think it's too much.

    ***** Marie *****

  3. the only Benefit product i have is the Realness of Concealness kit, which contains bo-ing concealer, lemon-aid, mini high beam, mini ooh la lift, and a mini lip plump. unfortunately the lemon-aid and bo-ing concealer have like dried up and gone funny due to the packaging, but i do really like the high beam and i'm tempted to buy a full size :)

  4. The only Benefit product I have is a lipgloss I got free with Glamour years ago! I love the look of the blushes but I feel like you pay a lot for the packaging, hmmm I don't know. Moonbeam does look lovely though :) xo

  5. I like the idea of this post, can't wait to see more! I love my Sugarbomb and Coralista blushes, although I agree they are overpriced.But they are 2 of my favorites and they smell really good :) The only other Benefit items I have are Hoola and Badgal Lash.

  6. Great idea for a series, could you please do a MAC one as I'd love to try some of their stuff but don't know where to start! x

  7. I have a few benefit itemss, but I don't use them. I really want Coralista but I cant bring myself to pay that amount for a blush! This series is gonna be fab. Can't wait to read more :) xxx

  8. I have a few benefit products that I have bought mostly for the cute packaging! such a sucker for that. I use their brow kit the odd time and I used to use hoola a lot, but i think really we pay for the cute packaging

  9. Hey,
    I just discovered your blog and I think it's so great! You're so inspiring and talented and I look forward to reading more of your posts!
    And i'm also insanely jealous of your lipstick collection ♥
    Lauren x

  10. I looove benefit but I've never tried any products of your top 3. Need to resolve that problem asap :-)
    Such a sweet blog, I added you on my blogroll , I'm looking forward to reading more of your lovely life ;-)

  11. Abbie - I agree, for me benefit is always a wee bit of an after thought - even prods that are blogged about lots like erase paste haven't even caught my attention really! Illamasqua's coming next :D

    Marie - One hot minute really is lovely!

    Communicating beauty - Ohh that's a shame! I had lemon aid in a set once and actually really liked it, it definitely brightens up the eye area!

    Emma - And the things is the cardboard can get a bit ratty and bashed if you don't really look after it but the actual blushes themselves are really lovely!

    Jennifer - I've never tried sugarbomb!!! It looks pretty though!

    Lauren - Thank you! My mac one is up now :)

    Diamondsandpearls - Coralista is lovely - I managed to lose mine, not quite sure how but I always got compliments on my blush when I wore it!

    Nicola - Ha the packaging is lovely though - i love the jars for the creaselss cream shadows!

    Lauren - Ohhh thank you so much!

    Marilou - Thank you so much!



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