Sunday, 21 November 2010

My Favorite Three...Illamasqua

Hey Dolls :)

I had a really tough time trying to pick my favorite three Illamasqua products - once again I had to be rather ruthless and cut out some of my much loved and very much used products.

Bronzing Duo in Glint and Burnish

Are you bored of me talking about this? I feel it's OK if you are but as I use this everyday it would be silly not to include it in my favorite three. When I first looked at the duo I immediately thought that the darker side burnish had too much of a sheen to use as a contour colour. I am pleased to say that I was wrong and is perfect on me as a contour. Both sides of the duo are quite sheer so is perfect to use everyday but can be easily built upon to wear at night.

Glint (the left hand side) is such a pretty highlight colour. In the pan I think it looks quite dark but when swatched it's really pretty and sheer and leaves behind a bronze sheen that looks amazing on the cheekbones but also used on the eyes too! The duo lasts for such a long time - at the time I did think it was a little pricey but I have definitely got my moneys worth!

Nail Polish DWS
I am definitely not very good with nails, in fact I could take much better care of them but when it comes to polish I know what I like and DWS is the exact opposite of what I would typically wear - but I love it! It is a grey creme with no shimmer that dries to a beautiful glossy finish.

I absolutely love the formula of the polish - it applies really easily with absolutely no streaking. It also wears well with very little chipping. As part of their Christmas collection, Illamasqua have released a duo with DWS and a silver glitter polish called Harsh which look like they will look amazing together!!!

Cream Blush in Rude

There were about three other favorite cream blushes (never mind powder) that I had to choose from but chose Rude as it's my newest so I'm still in the infatuation stage with it. In general, illamasqua cream blushes are the best I've tried. This is probably down to the fact I hate cream to powder which the majority of cream blushes are. I love the illamasqua ones as they stay quite glossy on the face.
Rude is an amazing coral colour which honestly I find brightens up the face so well. It's really well pigmented and I admit can look quite daunting in the pan. However, when stippled on lightly it creates a lovely flush to the cheek - I also find because of the creaminess of the product you don't need to use an additional highlight as the light reflects off it enough on its own. It also lasts such a long time with no need to touch up during the day.

Quickly, I just want to say a huge thank you both to Milly and Jennie for including me in share the love type posts in the last couple of weeks - you are both absolute dolls and it honestly means so much!

Lots of Love


  1. I want 'rude' now! Looks lovely!

  2. I need to try one of those cream blushes! I've read so many positive reviews! =)

  3. They all look amazing! This blusher really stands out!

  4. Great post, that coral colour is beautiful! xoxo

  5. girl, what have I told you about posting things I want to buy!?!? honestly! ;)

    I think I may have to give in the blush - I adooooore my lies blush!

    a x

  6. I need to try Illamasqua....I have heard so many fabulous things about them!!! The cream blushes look gorgeous!!
    Fab post as always babe!

  7. Shifa - I definitely recommend it sweets!

    Aru - This time I think the hype is definitely deserved!!!

    Beauty Addict - Hehe it looks so bright in the pan! But on the face can look so subtle - lovely!

    Katie - Thank you :)

    Ann - hahaha sorry!!! Illamasqua is my weakness - especially the blushes! And I think their counter is the friendliest in the town!! OOhhh I love lies too!! And rude is a nice change from pink!

    Natalie - Love you NEED to try illy - I can imagine you loving them!!!!!


  8. the polish looks such a gorgeous colour x

  9. thanks for the linky hun!
    just got a few more followers from you :)

  10. OHH I have Glint&Burnish after seeing and reading so may great reviews and I have to say Im so happy with it and have been reaching for it often lately! I am yet try any other products. x

  11. Fantastic post hun!! I have been wanting the Illamasqua bronzer for a while and the cream blushes!! ugh... your such an enabler sometimes... never a bad thing though!! xxx

  12. Great picks! I love the Glint and Burnish duo as well and I can't wait to get my hands on Rude! x


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