Monday, 29 November 2010

MAC Pink Friday

Hey Dolls :)

I love Nicki Minaj and have done for quite a while, one of my biggest wishes is for her to realise her love for Drake and they get married and have lots of beautiful babies...this would make me very happy (but very jealous). When I heard MAC was releasing a lipstick with Nicki Minaj I was so excited (as were lots of you), I was even more excited when I heard it was in between Girl About Town and Pink Nouveau. I got my little black box on Saturday and although it wasn't quite what I was expecting I do like it.

In the bullet, the lipstick definitely looks similar to pink nouveau however, when applied on the lips it's much lighter, I would compare it to snob. Here's how it looks on...

As you can see it's so much lighter than in the bullet which is a little disappointing as I love bright pinks but I do still really like Pink Friday. It's a satin, so as always, it can appear a little drying on the lips and will settle into any lines which is a little annoying but a little lip prep helps. I think I'm right in saying that pink Friday is available for the next three Friday's online if you didn't manage to get one last Friday.

Lots of Love


  1. It looks lovely on you, such a pretty colour :) xx

  2. It suits you, but it definately isn't a colour I'd find easy to wear - it does look really pretty in the tube though!

  3. Cute colour on you sweetie, I didn't bother getting it cause i've got both it's dupes, Snob & St Germain .. Really pretty though :) x

  4. Gosh, it looks so different from what I expected! Thanks for sharing missus. I tried on friday there but it was sold out by the time I went online at 8.50am! :( what time did you get it at? think il need to go on earlier xx

  5. It looks lovely but different to what i expected. I got up early to order it, order went through fine and then i got an email saying it had sold out so i had to wait to get it :( x

  6. Ooh it looks gorgeous on you, I'm tres jealous you can pull of any shade! xo

  7. hummm that funny ,, it looks like barbie pink on me =/
    even alone ,, but most of the time i add on it nyx dolly pink gloss =D

    or the mufe glossy gloss ,, in hot pink .

  8. lool on the niki and drake =D ,, well its hollywood ,, u never know =D they might get married and have gorgeous babies <3 haha

  9. It look so differet on different people, I do wish it applies as seen in the bullet as you said though x

  10. It looks way lighter on your lips but still a GORGEOUS colour nonetheless :P

  11. Why on earth did I think they were already married?!? Weird.
    Anyway, I named checked you in my latest post.. cos I love the way you do your eyeliner :)

  12. Glimmer and glow - Thank you :)

    Lucy - I agree I think it really is a difficult colour to wear - I'm not even sure nicki suits it v well!

    Laura - I have snob but gave my st germaine away as it looked terrible on me! As usual I've just been sucked in by marketing ha!

    Ayden - I bought it around 7 ha I just went on after my shower to order it! Can't believe how quickly it sold out!

    Charlotte - it's so odd as on some people it looks bright barbie pink where as on others it looks really light and cool toned! Hope you get it sweets!!

    Jennie - Thank you my love!

    Communicatingbeauty - I just wish it was a wee bit brighter!

    Feef - hahahaha he properly loves her, I feel it would be rather lovely :D

    Imo - exactly, I still like it though, just wasn't what I was expecting!

    Adeline - I know it's so odd!

    Persephone - Drake always sings about marrying her, maybe that's it? And thank you so much!



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