Monday, 22 November 2010

It's a Nerd-Off

Hey Dolls :)

I've been watching lots of nerd off videos on you tube lately and decided to do my blog version here...The following ten reasons are why I am proud to call myself a total nerd!

1. I have a recently read shelf. On this shelf was the following...

The fact that I'm studying a degree in reading is nerdy enough.

2. I have a large collection of screen printed t-shirts

3. I make clothes out of cartoon bedsheets

4. I'm a computer games geek (especially Mario)

5. When in work whilst everyone is listening to music on their ipod, I listen to the Harry Potter audio books

6. Instead of going out for my 18th birthday, I had a children's themed birthday party at home.

7. I can recite every single word (and do all the dance moves) to the Buffy Episode Once More With Feeling

8. My friends and I can often be seen breaking into montages of our favorite films

9. I have a Roald Dahl Calendar

10. I have a stereotypical comic geek boyfriend

I challenge you all to a nerd-off!! Bring it!!!


  1. omg i wish i had those pokemon bedsheets! i am a total geek for anything pokemon related haha. love the buffy musical too <3

  2. wooow haha
    u win ,, i cant beat that =D

  3. You make me giggle so much and i thought i was the only one who listened to Harry Potter audio books on my ipod hahha!¬


  4. Ah that made me laugh :-) And as for the Pokemon skirt, wow!

  5. Ahhhh, I love this post! It's nice to know I'm not the only geek then, and I was thinking of having a children's themed 18th birthday party too xD Love your blog, as always <3 xxx

  6. i adore the fact that you make your own clothes that way! so cute! and the audio book thing made me laugh :D xx

  7. ah theres alot i wouldnt think of about you. loved this post! cute xx

  8. Ahhh it's like reading a post about me only add to it - I liked Scott Pilgrim comics before they were "cool", I like comics in general before my husband, I fell in love with my husband when he told me he could still programme 80s computers <3 x

  9. How much did you pay for that audio book im sure when I seen it, it was something like £50!?
    Oh Nic you forgot to tell everyone about you putting magazine cut outs of your crushes at your desk at work ;P haha

  10. Makeup Kitten - :D

    Caroline - LOVE pokemon!!

    Feef - haha Woop!

    Birminghamlady - Ohh me too!

    Marilou - :D

    Stacey - I LOVE the audio books - they're so good when cooking tea or doing the ironing!!

    Laura - Aw thanks!

    Ellie - I think it's such a good idea - I had a pinata and other party games and made wee party bags!

    communicatingbeauty - In fairness I haven't done it in a while :D

    Cotton - Thank you!!

    Emily - I remember Nick talking about scott pilgrim so long ago and then suddenly micheal cera got involved...

    Abbie - Ha I downloaded it - but yeah they're about £50 each!!! And Wrap it Bennett!


  11. Loved this post! Definitely need to do this one myself haha. Glad to see you embracing your nerdy side :) Mario is my weakness! <3 x

  12. Ahh that pokemon skirt is amazing! I used to love a bit of pokemon back in the day, especially little charmander. So cute!! xo

  13. Omg...I listen to Harry potter audio books...and i always get called a harry potter, check out my blog cos i got the harry potter film wizardry book and i think you might just love it..x

  14. Laura - Ohh you should I'd love to read it!! Ohh Mario <3

    Emma - Haa pokemon is amazing! I still love the games!!!!

    Nilufar - Ohh thank you I'll go have a peek just now!

    Kirstyb - Aww yay me too!


  15. I LOVE reading...just finished The Silence of the Lambs - LOVED it :)
    I recommend the Steig Larsson books - they're really good...though can get a bit much at times. Lol.
    Just started The Snowman - Jo Nesbo xx


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